Review – When Bae Doesn’t Text Back (Short)


Kevin Peters’ short film represents a good example of why short films are so successful these days : “if it aint broke, don’t break it, rearrange it, gloss it over and try to resell it!!!” If Peter’s film might harken back to the days of “Scream”, well, it has damn good reason to. Ya see, some things just work. Right out of the package, no assembly required, just WORK. While a lot of full length features are busily trying to reinvent the wheel Peters knows what works and manages to pack it tightly into its 6 minute running time.

Following a girl getting ready for a party in her home while her parents are out, the short just FEELS familiar in the good way that we can reminiscent while not feeling pandered to. Of course things quickly escalate and our heroine runs for her life in a classic game of cat and mouse that is at once exactly what we are used to seeing, but executed so deftly that it pays homage strikingly well to the movies that preceded it, resulting in some classic Halloween faire. RECOMMENDED.

The short drops just in time for Halloween this October 30th on Peter’s youtube channel.


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