INSANE CLOWN POSSE’s long form video, “8 Ways to Die ‘Psypher'”

Multi-platinum artists INSANE CLOWN POSSE announces the debut of their most recent long form video “8 Ways to Die Psypher” on World Star Hip Hop today. The video comes on the heels of ICP’s latest full-length release, Fearless Fred Fury.
The 11 minute short film features verses from hip hop legends from across the country and leaves no doubt as to the respect earned by ICP during their over 28-year career.
The video, which was produced by Psychopathic Records and Rotten Cake, stars Three Six Mafia’s DJ Paul, Miami-based artist Stitches, Detroit’s “Acid Rap” originator Esham, New York City’s ’Smut Peddler” Cage, YouTube/MTV star Mac Lethal, and Las Vegas native Ouija Macc.
Fearless Fred Fury (Psychopathic Records) came out on February 15, and is the fourth Joker’s Card to be released from the second deck. FFF is a testament to the creativity and musical prowess that have made Insane Clown Posse true pop-culture icons.
At the time of this release Fearless Fred Fury is #44 on Billboard’s Top 200; #7 on Top Albums; #10 on Current Digital Albums; #1 on Current R&B/Hip Hop Albums; #1 on Current Rap Albums; #40 on Daily Top 200; #7 on Daily Building Album; #12 on Digital Albums; #2 on Internet Albums; #2 on Record Label Independent Current Albums; and #6 on Record Label Independent Current Albums Consumption.
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