Ever visit an abandoned world in Second Life or contemplated the existential dilemmas of humanity while playing The Sims? Have you ever become so lost in a game or alternate reality that your identity became a fabrication or warped version of yourself? If so, the surreal sci-fi film Elliot is one you should look out for.

Elliot-Poster-Official-WEBSet in a nightmarish cyber wasteland, ELLIOT (written and directed by SF filmmaker Craig Jacobson) explores the fantastical facets of identity, voyeurism, and takes a critical look at modern technology, social media, and the way it is shaping (and warping) our society. Most importantly, it raises the question: do you know who you are? A simple yet loaded question.

Elliot Trailer: https://vimeo.com/204122021

Riddled with vibrant colors, VHS glitches, constructed characters and worlds, Elliot tells the tale of a humanoid (Elliot) struggling to maintain his reality and understand his true identity. Elliot is forced into a disconcerting downward spiral of despair in which he is forced to recognize the faults of his own cognition and constructed ideals in a crumbling universe where the lines between fantasy, simulation, and reality are blurred and fibers of Elliot’s fragile existence are ruptured.

So, the next time you log into social media, put a face on at work, or act in a way behind the screen in a way you wouldn’t in reality, look in the mirror and ask yourself the question: do you know who you are?

Elliot premieres this October in San Francisco 10/5 then onto London for a screening 11/10. Want to screen Elliot in your city? Run a podcast, website, or blog and want to review the film or conduct an interview? Contact Dreams For Dead Cats Productions LLC at dreamsfordeadcats@gmail.com for a screener copy and additional information. To keep up with the latest Elliot information, updates, teasers, screenings, dvd release date, and more, visit the website or Facebook & Twitter accounts.

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