“COUNTRYCIDE” – Official Poster Wants you to F that Camping Trip Right in the A!!!

Yeah, I’m from the midwest. Yes, a lot of those stereotypes are true. Yes, you should always observe local customs when interacting with the local yocals. SO, now that we have that out of the wa...


A vacation from your sanity awaits you at the very REAL and lovely ‘Blood Falls’ in Antarctica!

Yeah, yeah yeah, we know its a completely natural phenomena caused by a high concentration of iron oxide in the seawater flowing of it, but still. This nightmarish glacial waterfall, discovered in 191...


Santa Shows his Claws in Horror Short “Santa”

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you’re gonna say…its hardly past Halloween and we’re already showing horror shorts. Well, no matter how I try to slice it, the older I get, the creepier...

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