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Next Day: Survival officially launches on Steam!

Next Day: Survivalis a multi-player SURVIVAL game with elements of RPG. Its action takes place in an imaginary country within the Eastern Europe, a large part of whose territory is contaminated with t...


The Walking Dead: March to War Gameplay Trailer

Disruptor Beam is finally ready to show-off the world’s first-look at gameplay for The Walking Dead: March to War with an all-new gameplay trailer, released today.  The game is scheduled for release l...


Horror Boards Live Kickstarter Play Demo Released!

SO, we are officially 5 days into our Kickstarter for the horror game system “Horror Boards” and we have been getting a lot of messaged from people asking for a demo video of the actual ga...


‘Friday the 13th The Game’ Gets Official Release Date!

With this title being a huge blip on the horror fan’s radar, it was no surprise that many of use were waiting with baited breath after the announcement of the playable beta for the official rele...


Second Run of Mixtape Massacre Now Available for Pre-Order

Mixtape Massacre is back! The ultimate horror board game where up to 6 players compete as horror film archetypes in a fictional 1986 killing spree to be remembered. The original run of the project was...


Fright Dome launches a Five Nights at Freddy’s themed attraction this Halloween

Fright Dome at Circus Circus is celebrating its 14th anniversary by teaming up with Scottgames, the creative genius behind the Five Nights at Freddy’s video game series to theme one of its six haunted...


Zombies in Pop Culture | Evolution Throughout the Century in Time-Lapse Video

This one was release a while ago, but we just had to post it! a unique time-lapse video showcasing the evolution of zombies in works of popular culture – from the classic movies of the 1930s to ...


Horror Video Games Making a Comeback on Home Consoles

If you’ve been paying attention to the world of video games lately, you probably noticed that horror based games are making a big comeback. Whether it’s new properties or fresh takes on ol...

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