Toneye Eyenot

LUNIAKK PUBLICATIONS© Descend into the Foulest Depths of Hell.

“I AM that icy whisper which freezes your blood, when I approach you to exhale your soul. I AM that shadow circling you, forcing you to halt your breathing. You lie to yourself, thinking, “...

BOOK REVIEW – “Wolvz. Whispers of War” (part of Project 26) by Toneye Eyenot

  This is a beautiful book. Bloody, visceral, gore… beautiful. “Revenge” is the centre of the plot. An intelligent, organized and furious wolfkind plans their vengeance, after t...


Review – Joshua’s Folly by Toneye Eyenot

Another special thanks to The Bold Mom for sending this our way!!! “Joshua’s Folly” by Toneye Eyenot is the second book of the dark-fantasy series “The Sacred Blade of Profanit...

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