SEASONS (Anthology) – To Be Last Roles Of Legendary Genre Icons Reggie Bannister And Cleve Hall

From the Press release: As excited as we are to share news of our awesome new anthology we are also incredibly saddened with a heavy heart to reveal that this project is the last acting role and speci...

Seasons – Four Spine-Tingling Tales of Terror w/ Lisa Wilcox, Felissa Rose, Reggie Bannister

Seasons – Four Spine-Tingling Tales of Terror w/ Jeremy London, Lisa Wilcox, Felissa Rose, Reggie Bannister & Lynn Lowry Support on IndieGoGo Subsoil Films is putting together the horror ant...


Stream the Unhappy Holidays collection on Shudder

As the holidays arrive and the temperature drops, get a different kind of chill with Shudder’s selection of holiday horror. From “Better Watch Out” to “Christmas Evil”, c...

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