Lucio Fulci


Lucio Fulci’s reboot NIGHTMARE SYMPHONY to be presented at the upcoming AFM by EuroObscura

Lucio Fulci’s reboot NIGHTMARE SYMPHONY to be presented at the upcoming American Film Market by EuroObscura The American Film Market will start its first virtual edition on the 9th of November. EuroOb...



LUCIO FULCI, CREEPSHOW, & GHOSTBUSTERS Apparel Available Now at Fright-Rags has released new apparel paying tribute to the gory Italian cinema of Lucio Fulci, George A. R...

driller queen

Experimental filmmaker Kurt Dirt’s exploitation horror feature film DRILLER QUEEN sees its first trailer release

DRILLER QUEEN is the brand new exploitation film from 29 year old British musician/performer turned filmmaker Kurt Dirt.  Self described as “a cross between ‘Party Monster’, ‘Maniac’, and every ...


Your Sins Will Find You in Andy Koontz’s ‘Ekimmu: The Dead Lust’

As I am always on the lookout for something new it gets brought to my attention how horror films are such a labor of love for those creators that love the genre and want to contribute to it. This is t...

Horror Rap Duo 6 Demon Bag releases new album “Giallo”

I had never really mulled around the concept or horror rap before my career here at HorrorFix. I was aware of “horror core” hardcore metal, but honestly had nary a friggin clue about horro...


NightBreed 2, The Thing 2? Drive Angrier? 5 Horror Sequels Horror Fans Deserve

5. Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond 2 THE FILM: Although considered to be part of Fulci’s Gates of Hell “trilogy” The Beyond stands alone as Fulci’s best work in my opinion and is only thinly connected to The...

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