Jane Levy


Looks Like We’ll be Seeing Evil Dead’s Mia Sooner Than We Thought!

Recently we reported on an a social media statement issued from Ashley J. Williams himself, Bruce Campbell where the Ash vs. Evil Dead star dropped a hint about the direction the franchise might be he...


Did Bruce Campbell Just Hint at Where the Evil Dead Franchise is Headed AFTER Ash vs. Evil Dead?!?!?!

Since the latest update to the continuing speculation that Ash vs. Evil Dead will indeed not be returning to Starz for a 4th season (confirmed and re-confirmed by everyone involved). Campbell has also...


Top 10 Women in Horror Hall of Fame!

With March being Women History Month, we at HorrorFix decided to do a Top 10 list of women in horror.  This won’t be a “who’s hottest” or “who’s trending” lis...

Evil Dead (2013)

Hollywood seems dead set on remaking movies that are just not that old. Everyone has watched a movie and said, “I would have done this or that differently.” I know we would like to believe...

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