We NEED These TRICK ‘R TREAT & GHOSTBUSTERS Mini Masks from Fright Rags

Horror apparel company Fright-Rags continues to expand its brand with new Trick ‘r Treat and Ghostbusters mini masks. Each hand-panted, soft polyfoam collectible stands approximately 6″ ta...


Ghostbusters’ Zuul is now an actual dinosaur?!?!

Sometimes art imitates life and sometimes, well its the other way around. I still love just about everything about the original Ghostbusters, especially the art direction. We received more iconic mons...

Ghostbusters Trailer is a Painfully Unfunny Cash Grab

Pervert: “Hey Billy”. I’ll give you a dollar if you take a naked picture of your sister and then post it on the football roster”. Billy (played here be director Paul Feig): ...

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