Drive Angry


Dermot Mulroney Takes On TRICK from Horror Master Patrick Lussier

Ellen Wander, CEO of Film Bridge International (Winnie Mandela, Misconduct, Marshall, and Spinning Man) and Gabriela Revilla Lugo of Revek Entertainment (The Tribes of Palos Verdes, The Last Weekend i...


NightBreed 2, The Thing 2? Drive Angrier? 5 Horror Sequels Horror Fans Deserve

5. Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond 2 THE FILM: Although considered to be part of Fulci’s Gates of Hell “trilogy” The Beyond stands alone as Fulci’s best work in my opinion and is only thinly connected to The...

Review – Drive Angry

Somewhere, and I’m guessing its probably in the lab attached to that bunker where they keep the Ark of the Covenant for a rainy day, there is a strand of Nic cage’s hair holding up a Lear jet, ala Sup...

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