The Darkest Nothing: Paraphrenia Teaser Trailer Drops

The movie is a cyber crime psychological thriller about the first technically possible “red room” with live video streaming out of a deep web site, with the psychiatrist who is responsible...


Tuesday Knight Stars in ‘Forever in Your Eyes’

THE GREATEST SONG OF HER LIFE, COULD BE HER LAST! Forever In Your Eyes follows a once-upon-a-time starlet, Harmony Foxx (played by Knight), who is faced with a dimming career, which is only furthermor...


Whatever You Do…”Don’t Feed The Troll”!!! – Horror Short Review

Somebody needs to write director Marc Fratto a very large check. They need to write him a very large check, leave him to his devices, come back 6 months later, hold out their hand and see what kind of...


\’Horror With Heart\’ featured artist- Lika of Darkgoverness Designs

Well, her name isn’t really Lika, BUT for the sake of social media privacy that’s the name we are using. Lika and I connected on Facebook a little over a year ago at a pretty critical time in my life....

Ghostbusters Trailer #2 Continues to Date-Rape All Those Good Memories You have

I remember walking into my parents bedroom late one X-Mas eve night…my little footie pajamas swish-swishing on the hardwood floor and hearing what I thought must have been the labored breathing ...

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