Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Lucky the Elf from 60secondscares

Do you Feel Lucky? 60SecondScares Brings us Instagram Horror “Lucky the Elf

I’m actually digging more and more having my scares in smaller easy to digest doses. 60secondscares hits us again with a nice little under-a-minute holiday horror Lucky the Elf.Check out who get...


Red Band “Better Watch Out” trailer is Devious and Entertaining as Hell!!!

Some horror movies scare you, others get under your skin. Others still allow the community to revel in their own little slice of darkness and have a helluva fun time doing it. Although some early repo...


AirBnB? Not after watching Moncur and Morrison’s ‘Bed and Breakfast’!

There is something very sinister about the idea of “business everywhere” internet that I just can’t seem to shake. Anyone can drive you to the airport under the guise of Uber. You ca...


‘Conjuring 2’ Prank is Hilarious!

I absolutely love horror pranks. I was an unabashed fan of SyFy’s ‘Scare Tactics’ even in the face of all its cheese and cornball execution. It’s great to see an industry that ...

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