80s horror


Release Date for 80’s Horror Homage Feature Close Calls

TERROR FILMS has acquired the rights to writer/director Richard Stringham’s debut feature film CLOSE CALLS! The film is set to be released across multiple digital platforms Friday, January 11th.  The ...


80’s Cult Classic ‘Ghosthouse’ Is Getting Remade

Italian Cult Classic GHOSTHOUSE is getting a remake from Filmmaker Dustin Ferguson  Learn How To Be Part Of Bringing 80’s Horror Back From The Dead Dustin Ferguson, Director of “Nemesis 5&...


Love the Stranger Things title sequence? Watch this!

We don’t have to tell anyone here just how much the “outta left field” Stranger Things has become a sci-fi/horror game changer. It was a love letter to 80s horror fans and every aspe...

How to Survive ’80s Horror and Sci-Fi [Infographic]

  We are in love with infographics, especially when one comes along that seems tailor made for a site such as our own. So when the good folks at predatorhelmetsdirect.com  sent this one our way, ...

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