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Year: 2011

Genre: Crime/Drama/Horror

Runtime: 100mins

Rating: R

IMDB Score: 4.4/10 (1,000+ Votes)

Director(s): Marcus Graves

Writer(s): Brandon Camp and Mike Thompson



A journalism student tracks a killer with the help of her detective father and a therapist.



I’m thinking is going to be more crime than horror but I’m hoping it’s a nice blend of both.


Fun Fact/Trivia:

Katheryn Winnick who stars as Fiona in this movie is a licensed bodyguard.

Stars of the movie: Katheryn Winnick,Kevin Pollak and Nicholas Tucci

The Breakdown:

The movie starts off with a teen girl talking to one of her teen girl friends when he parents walk in and tell her it’s past her bed time. This sets up that these folks are loving caring people. A few moments later and the teen girl has to pick which parent dies. That sets the tone of the movie and I like the tone but the tone isn’t strong the rest of the movie. The reason why the opening kill was good was that they made you like the parents but they don’t do that with any of other the kills. They tried to make you hate one of the people that die but they didn’t write that character well enough, hell, that can be said for all the characters. Damn near all of them just aren’t likable or hate-able. And if there was any character development,I didn’t see any so I couldn’t get invested and the same can be said for all the other people that die. When they explained to us why the people chosen were killed it had no effect because we do not have any attachment to the killer, so it was just “yeah OK I can see why the killer would be pissed” but beyond that I didn’t feel sorry for the killer or any of his vics.

This kills were nicely done in this movie. We never actually see any of the killing and that normally bugs me but since they weren’t your cookie cutter cutting,bashing and burnings, I was OK with it. Don’t go thinking that they’ll make you sick because they won’t but they will make you say “damn that looks painful” and honestly how often can we horror heads say that about new horror flicks?

The acting was stiff on everybody but Kevin Pollaks part and I find that odd. Kevin Pollak tends to be stiff in a lot of stuff he does but not because he’s that type of actor but because the story calls for it and in this flick he’s a bit more lively. He was by far and away the best actor in the movie. I was a bit surprised by Katheryn Winnicks performance. True, I only know her in the TV show Bones but she seemed a good enough actress and in this it seems like she just doesn’t have the chops to do shit. I’m glad I find her really good looking and find her voice sexy,otherwise,I very well may have turned the flick off.

The movie is 1hr40mins long but it feels like a 1hr20min movie due to the rushing of the story. I really feel this movie would have been much better if it was 2 hours long so we could have gotten more into the mind of the killer. The movie is a Seven lite with a twist of Saw and with those ingredients it should have been a hell of a movie but it moves to fast and as stated above we just don’t form any attachments to anyone.

The Verdict:

This movie was trying so hard to be Seven and the Saw series in one movie and for that it isn’t what it could’ve been. The movie even though has issues isn’t bad but it’s not good either. I can’t recommend buying it but if you want a mindless horror movie that won’t scare you but will leave you waiting more (for the wrong reasons) then watch on Netflicks of something of the like.

I give this film 3 choices out of 5.


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