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short animated film, ‘Second to None’ awarded Vimeo Staff Pick Premiere

April 16, 2020 in Movie News, News, On The Web

Irish writer / director Vincent Gallagher’s short animated film, ‘Second to None’ has been awarded a Vimeo Staff Pick Premiere.

Winning the Best Animation prize at the 14th annual Irish Film and Television Academy Awards, Second to None has won awards at several international festivals including The Austin Film Festival and Newport Beach Film Festival, as well as being selected for Tribeca as part of Whoopi Goldberg’s specially curated animated shorts program.

Second to None was produced by Damian Farrell for Caboom, an independent film production company and creative studio based in Dublin with offices in London and Los Angeles.

The stop-motion animated film focuses on the ambition of the world’s second oldest man. When Fredericks twin brother becomes the world’s oldest man by a mere minute, Frederick finally sees his chance to take first place, by whatever means necessary.

The film was shot over 6 months with a core team of just 4 people. Everything you see on screen was meticulously handcrafted specifically for the film. The film was animated by Jason Watts, characters were designed and fabricated by Pierre Butler and sets were designed and built by Aoife Noonan of Bowsie Workshop.


Spine-chilling viral anthology ‘THE ISOLATION HORRORS’ set for release

April 16, 2020 in Movie News, News, On The Web

Epidemic lockdown inspired horror short anthology THE ISOLATION HORRORS is the brainchild of London, UK based multi award-winning filmmaker Nicolai Kornum. The project sprung from the need to create material that would entertain other horror fans during lockdown.

The filmmakers collaborated remotely during production, and the short films were made under the following rules: 1 Shoot in your place of isolation; 2 Shoot on your phone; 3 Make horror films. The five filmmakers came up with their own concepts, goals, style and expression under these rules, creating five very different horror short films, using few resources and limited technical gear available.

THE ISOLATION HORRORS will be available to watch as a YouTube scheduled premiere on Friday 24th April 2020 at 9pm GMT, so please bookmark the link and set the date firmly in your diaries!


“MOTHER”, directed by Amin Yoma, exclusive World Premiere in YouTube

April 15, 2020 in Movie News, News, On The Web

“MOTHER”, directed by Amin Yoma and produced by Yomka Pictures, Black Mandala, Camauer and Yagan, had its exclusive world premiere on Wednesday, April 15th at “WATCH MOVIES NOW!”, one of the YOUTUBE´s horror official channels. The director Amin Yoma and the producer Nicolás Onetti were there live answering questions even while the film is running.

“MOTHER” won the “BLOOD WINDOW: WORK IN PROGRESS AWARD” during VENTANA SUR, the most important film market of Latin America.


Adela (Florencia Benitez) wants to have a child but she doesn’t get pregnant and blames her partner (Joaquín Berthold) for her sterility. Depressed and desperate, she turns to a seer (“Chucho” Fernandez) to find out if she’ll ever be able to become a mother but this person predicts a destiny marked by fatality. Increasingly affected and subjected to an unstoppable obsession, Adela’s mind seems to be heading down an ever darker path.


Splatter Action-Comedy Webseries “Conrad the Bavarian” Premieres Online!

April 15, 2020 in News, On The Web, Video/TV

“Think Machete meets Inglorious Basterds on Planet Terror developed by nerds for nerds!”
– The Huck Brothers

Arrow in the Head (http://www.arrowinthehead.com), one of the pioneers of online horror journalism (founded in 2000) is launching its first narrative series on its new YouTube Channel: JoBlo Horror Videos (www.youtube.com/joblohorrorvideos).

The webseries in question is CONRAD THE BAVARIAN; an original episodic “overkill” grindhouse series shot in professional high-gloss while never losing that dirty VHS or/and Drive-In feel. It’s an action charged, splatter filled, beer drenched, Kung-Fu loving, comedy piñata of fun! You can watch the first episode here: (https://youtu.be/fYrnPaEev68)

Created/starring German filmmakers Nicolas Huck and Robin Huck (known as The Huck Bros), Produced by Arrow in the Head founder John Fallon and Executive Produced by JoBlo.com founder Berge Garabedian, Conrad the Bavarian tells the heart warming tale of:

“Madman Heinrich (Robin Huck), the leader of the terror group “Heil Five” is studying the occult to revive his grandfather Adolph Hitler using the “Book of the Dead” and his grandpapa’s mustache. Alas, the first of the 5 required artifacts for said ritual are hidden below the property of pint abusing Conrad aka “The Bavarian” (Nicolas Huck) in the small town of Sasbach. And this bearded son-of-a-gun knows how to handle the scumbags of the world all too well – the old fashioned way: lock, slash and load! Revenge is a dish best served with BEER!”

CONRAD THE BAVARIAN the series is screening exclusively on the JoBlo Horror Videos YouTube channel. There will be 8 episodes in all!


Director Massimiliano Cerchi Joins Nunsploitation Epic ‘The True Tale of Ole Splitfoot…’!

April 14, 2020 in Exclusives, Featured, Movie News, News

“The True Tale of Ole Splitfoot vs. the Lesbian Warrior Nuns of the Great White North” is gearing up for a November 2020 shoot and as the co-writers and producers Ash Hamilton and Ben Harl (HorrorFix & Silver Compass Studios) begin preproduction, the core crew is beginning to flesh out.

The biggest news is the addition of director Massimiliano Cerchi. Cerchi is set to direct an all-star cast in what has been called “an epic nunsploitation horror-comedy”. Cerchi, responsible for such genre films as 2019’s Mayday (Michael Pare’, Cystal Santos) and the upcoming “Bloodthirst” brings over 26 years of filmmaking experience to the production.

The writing team of Harl & Hamilton welcomed the addition of Cerchi excitedly. “Bringing Max (Massimiliano) into the world of Splitfoot was such an organic decision. The three of us (Hamilton, Harl & Cerchi) are very excited about the world we have created for horror fans and Cerchi has that vision to bring it all to life. We’re extremely happy to have him at the helm”, the duo commented.

The film, which shoots later this year, is currently in the midst of the first round of casting with announcements to be made to the public shortly.


The Devil’s Fairground Available Now on DVD

April 13, 2020 in News, On Demand, Video/TV

MGI Films announces the DVD release of new horror film, The Devil’s Fairground.   It’s available now at Amazon and Walmart’s across the nation.  

Two competing and paranormal television shows converge on an abandoned haunted amusement park, which ends up being the epicenter to hell. Trapped, they find themselves in an all out war against pure evil.

Actors: Justin Duncan, Gerald Crum
Format: NTSC
Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only)
Number of discs: 1
Studio: Itn
DVD Release Date: April 7, 2020
Run Time: 97 minutes

The Devil’s Fairground Available Now on Amazon:


‘Straight Edge Kegger’ Chugs Its Way to Bluray/DVD

April 13, 2020 in DVD/Bluray, News, Video/TV

“After he thinks his straight edge friends have gone too far, young punk Brad (Cory Kays) decides to leave them behind when he meets happy-go-lucky partier Sean (Sean Jones). He attends his first house party where he meets beautiful Maybe (Evelyn Reidy) then all hell breaks loose. A group of masked intruders attacks the houseful of drunks and stoners making sure no one gets out alive. It’s up to Brad, Sean and Maybe to save the party in this blood-soaked thrill ride from writer and director Jason Zink.”

Special Features:
-Audio Commentary


– Deleted Scenes

– Death By Toys Commercial

– Theatrical Trailer

– Proof of Concept Trailer

– Side X Side

– Tour Intro Video

– Kick Starter Video

Number of Discs: 1

Subtitles: English, Spanish and French

Single Layer Blu-ray Disc (25GB)

Region Free (Factory Pressed/NOT BD-R)

Not Rated/Color/16:9 Widescreen/79 Mins

“Straight Edge Kegger” available on Bluray, DVD and VHS https://screamteamreleasing.com/collections/straight-edge-kegger-merch-store



April 12, 2020 in DVD/Bluray, News, Video/TV

Snake is BACK! On May 26, 2020, Scream Factory proudly presents Escape from L.A. (Collector’s Edition) in its definitive Blu-ray release. The high-octane cult classic comes home to fans with a brand new 4K film scan from the original negative and loaded with bonus features, including new interviews with Bruce Campbell, Stacy Keach, George Corraface, Peter Jason, and more.  Kurt Russell rejoins filmmakers John Carpenter and Debra Hill to do to Los Angeles what they did to the Big Apple in Escape From New York – with even more futuristic thrills and big action! Snake Plissken (Russell) takes on Los Angeles after a 9.6 earthquake decimates the city. His job: wade through L.A.’s ruined landmarks to retrieve a doomsday device. Don’t miss the excitement as Snake surfs Wilshire Blvd., shoots hoops at the Coliseum, dive bombs the Happy Kingdom theme park, and mixes it up with a wild assortment of friends and foes including Stacy Keach, Steve Buscemi, Bruce Campbell, Peter Fonda, George Corraface, Cliff Robertson and Pam Grier. Escape from L.A. is a “go-for-broke action extravaganza” (Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times)! 

Special Features: 
·        NEW 4K film scan from the original negative
·        NEW A Little Bit Off Beat – an interview with actor Stacy Keach
·        NEW Beverly Hills Workshed – an audio interview with Bruce Campbell
·        NEW Part of the Family – an interview with Peter Jason
·        NEW Miss A Shot, Get A Shot – an interview with George Corraface
·        NEW One Eye is Better Than None – an interview with special effects artist Jim Mc Pherson
·        NEW The Renderman – an interview with visual effects artist David Jones
·        Theatrical Trailer
·        TV Spots
·        Still Gallery


5G Zombies – When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse

April 11, 2020 in Movie News, News

SCS Entertainment Announces The Outbreak of 5G Zombies Available on DVD and VOD May 1st, 2020. 

In a world overtaken by a recent virus pandemic, all governments have conspired together to brainwash the remaining survivors using 5G cell service to create a new world order. Watch our world crumble from various perspectives…just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse!

A British-American anthology from Directors Dark Infinity (“Nemesis 5”, “The Last Roommate”) and John R. Walker (“Amityville Playhouse” and “Ouijageist”).

Here is the World Premiere Trailer for 5G Zombies.


WTF?!?! There’s Gonna be a Cannibal Holocaust Video Game?!?!

April 8, 2020 in Featured, Game News, News

In honestly one of the weirdest pieces of news I think I have ever read regarding our most beloved of genres we learned today that we will be getting a Cannibal Holocaust video game. Oh yeah, we heard me right.

Here’s the info over on destructoid.com :

“Italian director Ruggero Deodato, in collaboration with Fantastico Studio, has announced a video game sequel to his notorious 1980 film, Cannibal Holocaust. In development for release on PC and consoles later this year, it’s expected that Cannibal will put the “graphic” in its “interactive graphic adventure.”

Cannibal will see players guide a cast of hapless characters through the oppressive, unmapped jungles of Borneo, where I assume nothing untoward will happen at all. Little detail is available on the project at this point, but Deodato – director of grim pictures like The House on the Edge of the Park and Cut and Run – is confirmed as writer/director, with Fantastico Studio responsible for developing the Unity-based title.

Cannibal Holocaust, released at the height of the Euro-horror boom, is a pioneer of the “found-footage” genre, which would be later made famous by films such as The Blair Witch Project and REC. It tells the story of a group of (thoroughly unlikable) documentary-makers who journey deep into the Amazon rainforest, an area cheerfully known as “The Green Inferno”. There the protagonists record their encounter with two warring tribes, disturbing the peace in order to sensationalize the footage.

Things don’t work out, surprisingly enough.

Infamous for its disturbing scenes of violence, brutal assault, and despicable animal atrocities, Cannibal Holocaust‘s social-commentary is suffocated by its visceral horror, which many critics felt present a hypocrisy to any “deeper meaning” attempted by the film’s narrative. Incredibly, Deodato would find himself in a Milan court just over a week after the film’s premiere, forced to prove that the deaths presented in his film were, in fact, faked. The director was required to demonstrate special effects and confirm that the stars were alive, well, and very much uneaten.

Thanks for reading what has to be the surrealist piece of news I’ve written for Destructoid to date. Cannibal is scheduled to launch this winter on PS4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.”

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