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Small Town Monsters Looks for Extraterrestrial Contact in “On the Trail of UFOs”

March 17, 2020 in Movie News, News, Video/TV

Small Town Monsters Examines Extraterrestrial Contact in New Miniseries“On the Trail of UFOs” to Release March 20thSeries Set to Explore America’s Complicated Relationship with UFOsFinal Trailer Drops Ahead of Release

Small Town Monsters has announced the March 20th Blu-ray/DVD, Amazon and Vimeo release of their new miniseries “On the Trail of UFOs”.  The final trailer for the series gives viewers a glimpse into the astonishing numbers of locations and mind-bending interviews documented.  The latest production from Small Town Media founder and director Seth Breedlove, “On the Trail of UFOs” takes an in-depth look at the current state of unidentified flying objects, and America’s continuously-evolving relationship with the subject. With unidentified flying objects being written and talked about in major news outlets and behind closed doors in Washington D.C., Breedlove and series host Shannon Legro set out to document what is by far the most tumultuous point in the history of “flying saucers”. 

The series objective was to follow investigator Shannon LeGro as she scours the United States in search of clues to the origins of the unidentified flying objects. LeGro and crew filmed in fourteen different states across America in an effort to meet and speak with witnesses, investigators, skeptics and even folklorists while documenting their findings. Episodes focus on all aspects of the mystery; from purported alien abductions to the recent “Storm Area 51” event that grabbed international headlines. Nearly thirty interviews were conducted with people who have claimed to either see a UFO (in some cases on multiple occasions) or who go in search of them.


The Demon is “Behind You” – Trailer and Poster Released

March 16, 2020 in Movie News, News, Video/TV

Vertical Entertainment has released the trailer and poster for demonic horror film BEHIND YOU! In this directorial debut from Andrew Mecham and Matthew Whedon, two young sisters find that all the mirrors in their estranged aunt’s house are covered or hidden. When one of them happens upon a mirror in the basement, she unknowingly releases a malicious demon. BEHIND YOU stars Jan Broberg (ABDUCTED IN PLAIN SIGHT), Addy Miller (THE WALKING DEAD), Elizabeth Birkner andPhilip Brodie and is produced by Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing’s Tremendum Pictures alongside Parallelogram.
BEHIND YOU will be in theaters and on VOD on April 17, 2020.


Female Led ‘The Embalmers’ Hits Indiegogo

March 14, 2020 in Movie News, News

SOOOO it is with absolutely no shame that I have to say.. TAKE MY MONEY!!! So take a look and get our yer wallets!!!

The Quint Family Funeral Home has served the citizens of rural Morgan County for ages, preparing each of them meticulously for their final resting place.  What is unknown about the Quints is they are making sure the good rest in peace, while the wicked are entombed into their slowly rotting shells using voodoo powers bestowed upon them.  

The Quints realize there has been in shift in the county’s magical balance affecting even the good citizens of the county.  Only the heinous hoodoo hillbillies, the Ratts family, can be responsible for such evil despite a long-standing truce.  The siblings must stop the Ratts siblings to restore balance to the residents of Morgan County.

The Indiegogo campaign is currently live HERE!


Gritty and psychedelic thriller ‘Red Static – Teaser Trailer

March 11, 2020 in Movie News, News

‘Red Static’ teaser trailer: From producers of ‘Tuftland’ comes next Sami Pöyry’s gritty and psychedelic thriller

A thriller by Sami Pöyry that deals with alienation and national divisiveness premieres this year.

The first teaser trailer of Red Static, a film by Finnish director Sami Pöyry, has been revealed. Red Static has been a long-time dream project for Pöyry:

“Alienation among young men and national polarization are hot topics in Finland too, and while I wanted to address these issues in Red Static, I wanted to avoid any preaching. We tried to craft a visceral experience instead – not an analysis but a deep dive.” 

The film directed and written by Pöyry tells the story of Timo, a lonely man living on a secluded farm, who invites his childhood friends for a visit. He has a plan that will change their lives forever. The gritty and almost psychedelic film addresses the same issues as the Oscar winners Parasite and Joker; mental health issues and alienation from society.

Red Static, filmed in the Finnish countryside under the sunlight of summer nights, stars the established faces of Finnish independent and genre cinema Jari Manninen, Roope Olenius, Veera W. Vilo, Jere Saarela ja Saara Elina. The film is a co-production between Monadi-Filmi and Bright Fame Pictures

Olenius and Vilo, also producers of the film, are familiar faces behind the award-winning hillbilly horror Tuftland (2017) and upcoming figure-skating thriller Free Skate.

Sami Pöyry has directed award-winning short films, music videos and an experimental feature film Zomba di Mare (2014). He also has an other film, a romantic drama called Moments, in post-production.


Slasher Feature ‘The Lurker’ Takes a Bow

March 10, 2020 in Movie News, News

“It’s Going to be a Deathly Performance”

Indican Pictures will debut Eric Liberacki’s The Lurker on DVD and Digital platforms this April. This feature is a slasher film, influenced by the Golden era of slasher films. Starring Scout Taylor-Compton (Halloween, 2007), Naomi Grossman (“American Horror Story”), Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th, 1980) and Adam Huss, this film follows several high-schoolers as they prepare a local play. A killer lurks in the shadows and the cast is in danger. With the play set to see its final curtain call, these schoolmates will need to band together, if they hope to survive this killer’s knife. The Lurker is set for pre-orders this March and will debut on April 14th, 2020 – on both Digital platforms and DVD.

Director Liberacki has talked about the film’s influences and what led him to direct The Lurker. He says of slashers: “my screenwriting always gravitated toward slasher films of that time period (’80s, ’90s).” This was the pivotal time for slashers and their many sequels. The Lurker was also a team effort: “while I was shooting the feature film the Pale Man the director, John Lerchen, gave me a copy of the script for The Lurker. After years of trying to find the right script for my thesis, I had found it.” From script-to-screeen, The Lurker debuts in just a few weeks.

The Lurker has already seen theatres. Now, Indican Pictures will show the film, throughout the United States, this April 14th. A film for horror fans and especially slasher film fans, this Restricted title will bring both mystery and murder to DVD and Digital platforms, including: Amazon Direct, Fandango Now, iTunes, FlixFling, Google Play, Redbox, VuDu and Youtube Movies. The official release trailer and poster are available here! 


The Alpha Test wants to put you in an Interactive Nightmare

March 10, 2020 in Movie News, News

Ex Machine meets A.I : Artificial Intelligence in THE ALPHA TEST, from writer/director Aaron Mirtes (Clowntergeist), premieres on DVD/Digital this March.

A suburban family drives their new gadget, The Alpha Home Assistant, to a killing rampage after mistreating and abusing it, leading to a full A.I. uprising.

Starring Rae Hunt as Alpha, with Wynn Reichert, Brad Belemjian, and Mack Bayda, THE ALPHA TEST will be available 3/10 from High Octane Pictures.


Jason Voorhees Wears White! Never Hike in the Snow Completes Filming

March 10, 2020 in Featured, Movie News, News

Womp Stomp Films is proud to announce the official wrap of principle photography on “Never Hike in the Snow: A Friday the 13th Fan Film” with post production already under way. 
Never Hike in the Snow is a prequel set 3 months prior to the events of Womp Stomp Film’s successful fan film, Never Hike Alone, and follows the strange disappearance of Mark Hill, a Crystal Lake resident who went for a hike in the dead of winter and never came home. 
The film stars Friday alumni Thom Mathews as Tommy Jarvis (F13 Part 6)  and Vinny Guastaferro as Rick Cologne (F13 Part 6) along with co-stars Courtlan Gordon, Anna Campbell, Bryan Forrest, and Vincente DiSanti. 
An official release date will be announced soon, but fans are running out of time to back the film’s Indiegogo In-Demand campaign which closes this Friday, March 13, 2020. Funding raised in the final week will go towards post-production services. 
Link: https://igg.me/at/neverhikeinthesnow/x/18000311#/
This is the last chance for Jason fans to have their name listed in the credits of one of the most highly anticipated fan funded projects of 2020. 



March 10, 2020 in DVD/Bluray, News, Video/TV

Being a teenager sucks.
This May, director Anthony Cantanese (Hi-Death) reminds us… Girls Just Wanna Have Blood!

Coming this May from Wild Eye Releasing, a bloody and unique new addition to the vampire-pic subsection.
When social outcast Jessica is accepted into a trio of teenage vampires, she finds herself thrust into a nocturnal world of murder, drugs and all-night parties as they stalk the patrons of local bars and clubs. Meanwhile, a mysterious, foreign vampire hunter searches the underworld in hopes of putting a stake right through their plan to party forever.

Bettina Skye (“Ugly Betty”), David M.Sitbon (Creed II), and Gigi Gustin (Game Over) star in Girls Just Wanna Have Blood, premiering on DVD and VOD May 26.


2020 Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival 8th Annual Award Winners

March 10, 2020 in Events, News

Erin Berry’s Majic Awarded Top Prize For Best Philip K. Dick Feature

Dan Moss’ Imperial Blue Honored as Best Dramatic Feature

The 2020 Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival has announced the award winners for its eighth annual event which featured a lineup of screenings, premieres, panels, virtual reality demonstrations, and the launch of a new screenplay competition held in honor of acclaimed novelist Philip K. Dick. The festival was held from March 4-8, 2020 at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, NY and recognized nine films and three screenplays for their outstanding filmmaking and storytelling.

“The festival presented an impressive selection of films that opened doors to the possibilities of imagination,” said founder and director Daniel Abella. “With a focus on the impact of technology and our evolving humanity, much attention was paid to the ideas of Philip K. Dick including what it means to be human and the future of our universe.” In its eighth year, filmmakers and fans united for a cinematic view on the concepts of politics, society, and science. “This is a gathering with a strong sense of community,” said Abella. “We live in a complex world surrounded by overlays of surveillance, paranoia, and disinformation. Through the genre’s unique lens, this year’s films proved that science fiction is truly the science of tomorrow.”

Congratulations to the award winners of The 2020 Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival:


Majic (2019)

Director: Erin Berry

Run Time/Country: 82 min, USA

Synopsis: In Washington, DC on the eve of the 2008 presidential election, Bernwood, an anti-conspiracy video blogger meets with an old man claiming to have worked for the legendary Majestic-12 (aka “Majic”), a secret U.S. spy agency created after the UFO incident at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. So begins her trip down the rabbit hole looking for answers as reality as she knows it, or knew it, begins to unravel.


Imperial Blue (2019)

Director: Dan Moss

Run Time/Country: 93 min, UK/Uganda

Synopsis: Hugo Winter, a roguish American drug smuggler is on a quest for a mysterious African drug called Bulu which gives the user the powers of prophecy. In Uganda, he meets two sisters who can help him find the source of Bulu, but they have competing agendas. Kisakye, a devout Christian, wants to sell the drug to save her village, whereas Angela, a criminal hustler, is only interested in getting rich quick. As Hugo follows them deeper into the jungle, he begins to doubt whether his prophetic visions are leading him to death or glory.


A Brief History of Time Travel (2018)

Director: Gisella Bustillos

Run Time/Country: 68 min, USA

Synopsis: There’s one thing that Star Trek and Doctor Who fandoms have in common: time travel. This documentary takes you on a journey through the evolution of time travel from its origins and influence in science fiction to the exciting possibilities technology could yet uncover. Featuring interviews with Dr. Ronald Mallet (How To Build a Time Machine), Bill Nye (Bill Nye the Science Guy), Ted Chiang (writer of Story of Your Life), and Wanda Gregory (Director of Digital Technology and Culture at the University of Washington).


Beyond the Door (2018)

Director: Hekla Egilsdottir

Run Time/Country: 13 min, Iceland

Synopsis: A stagnant young couple named Noi and Irma are dealing with Irma’s depression. Noi buys Irma a cuckoo clock, reminiscent of the one her mother used to have when she was a child, in an attempt to cheer her. Irma’s monotonous, stay-at-home life takes a sudden turn with the introduction of her newfound friend, the cuckoo. Based on a short story by Philip K. Dick.


Wide Awake in Bridgewater (2018)

Director: Erik Lee

Run Time/Country: 15 min, USA

Synopsis: In 1968, 18-year-old Michael Gates and Monica Dupré are enjoying an afternoon in the countryside when she disappears. Fifty-one years later, elderly Michael starts receiving phone messages from her, and he discovers what happened on that fateful day.


Love Bite (2019)

Director: Charles de Lauzirika

Run Time/Country: 15 min, USA

Synopsis: Taking refuge in an abandoned cargo truck during the Zombie Apocalypse, a dysfunctional couple and their dog find their lives on the line when they make a deadly bet over how the undead virus spreads. Is a simple love bite now a death sentence? And how far will someone go to be proven right? Directed by the producer of Blade Runner: The Final Cut (2007).


SIL and the Devil Seeds of Arodor (2019)

Director: Keith Barnfather

Run Time/Country: 15 min, UK

Synopsis: A web series based on concepts from the BBC series Doctor Who. SIL is worried, very worried, which doesn’t keep his reptilian skin in the best condition. Confined in a cold detention cell on the moon, awaiting a deportation hearing for trial on drugs offences on Earth, he faces a death sentence if the application is successful and he is found guilty.


Eli (2019)

Director: Nathaniel Milton

Run Time/Country: 15 min, USA

Synopsis: A 15-year-old musician believes he has an extraterrestrial

implant in his ear. This is a true story based on the filmmaker’s experiences within the realms of High Strangeness, Magical Thinking and Manic Delusion.


Outer West (2019)

Director: Jake Leister

Run Time/Country: 2 min, USA

Synopsis: West Coast pace prompts a travel nurse to accept a job in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Looking for the capital city’s postcard artistry and ease, he is instead greeted by another, entirely unexpected world…Outer West.



Writer: Andrew Pelosi

Synopsis: A desperate halfwit attempts to cheat on an exam in a future where IQ testing determines who lives and who gets turned into chalk.



Writer: Andronica Marquis

Synopsis: A young Earth City girl, Rain, a Red by birth, marked, starving and desperate, seizes an opportunity to escape to Meccanda, a planet rumored to hold a cure, that she might save her young brother, Walker, the last of her family, who struggles against the symptoms of The Touched. The price of starship passage? Her virginity to the shipʼs captain.


House in Haunted Woods

Writer: Drew Henriksen

Synopsis: A young couple buys an abandoned house as an investment with plans to live by their agoraphobic uncle. After the purchase, the house seems to improve on its own. As people begin to disappear in the woods surrounding it, the ghosts make their presence known.


Savage Island / The Shadow Walkers arrive on DVD

March 10, 2020 in DVD/Bluray, Movie News, News, Video/TV

BayView Entertainment announces the release of two new movies on DVD adding to their horror genre selections – Savage Island and The Shadow Walkers. 

Savage Island – Julia Young and Steven Harris are having marital troubles, but on a weekend trip to visit Julia’s family on the remote Savage Island, marital problems quickly become the least of their worries. An intense struggle between the Young and the Savage families, the only residents living on the island, takes thrills and chills to a whole new and disturbing level. The Savages, a bunch that take the terms ‘hillbilly’, and ‘hick’ to a new frontier, are out to claim Steven and Julia’s baby as payment for the death of their own son who was accidentally run over by Julia’s pot-head younger brother. Starring Don S. Davis, Steven Man, and Brendan Beiser.
Savage Island on DVD available at Amazon 

The Shadow Walkers – A group of young researchers and military personnel uncover a hive of twisted, genetic mutants that stalk them from the shadows. Now these brave few must destroy the monsters that helped create–before more people are killed and devoured. Music by Marillion.
The Shadow Walkers on DVD available at Amazon

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