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Damian Maffei talks Joe Lansdale, horror shorts and Brian Keene’s The Cage!!!

October 8, 2013 in Interview, Uncategorized


Longtime friend of the site and genre actor Damian Maffei (Closed for the Season, Christmas With the Dead) took some time out from his busy schedule to talk horror shorts, the works of Joe Lansdale and his Kickstarter Project, Brian Keene‘s The Cage with us. Click the player below for the full audio!

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Donate to The Cage Kickstarter here!

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Damian Maffei talks Joe Lansdale, horror shorts and Brian Keene’s The Cage!!!

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V/H/S’s Jas Sams Set To Star Opposite Moseley In Slasher Comedy PINK SLIPS

September 26, 2013 in Movie News


Up and comer Jas Sams (V/H/S, The Impersonators) is attached to play the female lead opposite Bill Moseley in Joshua Hull’s forthcoming slasher comedy PINK SLIPS.

PINK SLIPS is about a group of “corporate guys” who get laid off. Desperate times call for desperate measures. They decide to kidnap their ex-boss’s daughter for ransom.  Things take a bloody turn, when the boss’s daughter just happens to be the only survivor of a masked psychopath. Sams will play the boss’s daughter.

Sams is also attached to play the title character in the Canadian produced feature REDFIELD, a 1930’s thriller noir that begins shooting summer 2014.

‘Pink Slips’ is written and directed by Joshua Hull, Bryan Wilson (Underground Entertainment: the Movie) will produce and David M. Brewer (Insidious) will serve as Director of Photography. Filming is scheduled to begin in the spring 2014.

Like the film on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pink-Slips/160105920860588

Official Site: www.pinkslipsmovie.com

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Review – You’re Next (2013)

September 23, 2013 in Movie Reviews


Unfortunately, its little film’s like Adam Wingard‘s You’re Next that go largely overlooked at the box office. Admittedly, its a little hard to market, but with the right campaign behind it, this could and should have been a LOT more visible. Enjoy our video review of the home invasion thriller You’re Next!


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Review – Dexter: Series Finale

September 23, 2013 in Television


Its a difficult thing, saying goodbye to a character. Sometimes a character reflects our own dark impulses and allows us to see into the shadowy recesses of ourselves. Watching their tribulations and triumphs can be cathartic.

Dexter Morgan represented a primal force, an urge to set free our baser instincts and let loose our bloodlust. He was our very own dark passenger and each week we lived vicariously through him as he enacted our worst darkest, most devious of plans to rid humanity of its most unsavory. He fulfilled our darkest desires and we repaid him with a devotion to watch these acts, at their most brutal from the other side of the celluloid mirror. We did this for 8 seasons; 8 seasons of violent red which ended last night with the last episode of Dexter ever on Showtime.

In a lot of ways I am still digesting the series finale. By the final episode it definitely seemed as though the series’ writers were running on fumes, using devices that, although they may have been believable in the past, were just too convenient to reuse considering the history of the series. The “get out of jail free cards” just didn’t work this season and Dexter’s proximity to every on-screen murder seems to belittle the ingenuity of his peers at Miami Metro. If any season warranted a man-hunt for Dexter, it was definitely this one and by the time we’re done we’re left as bewildered as Batista in the interrogation sequence, “help me to understand this, Dexter.”

Midway through the season I started to attribute the “Superman Effect” to Dexter. At some point, because of his invulnerabilities, Superman as a character loses his ability to relate to his audience. No matter what super powered foe he faced, we reached a point where we just didn’t feel the character was ever truly in harm’s way. Although Dexter, for all his sociopathic tendencies risked that with his very nature, we always felt him to be just a darker reflection of ourselves and allowed him his trespasses. We occupied just the very edge of our seats as we wondered how he could possibly, against all odds, outwit his pursuers. It was this threat that kept us coming back every episode, nerves shredded and anticipation high. Outwitting, however, seemed to be barely the case as he skirted suspicion on all accounts through season 8 with barely a wave of his hand or a raise of his eyebrow. Quite frankly, even with the pile-up of bodies surrounding him,  Dexter was practically allowed to phone in his statements and the crack Metro homicide team would immediately dismiss his involvement. One of the great things about the series has always been Dexter’s games of cat-and mouse with those that could see through his veneer of a thinly veiled humanity. When Superman shrugs his shoulders at a block of kryptonite though, not just dodging that glowing green bullet, we start disassociating with the character. This though, I still forgave as we know that Dexter’s real kryptonite has been his emerging emotions for his loved ones. That being said, there is still nothing really unforgivable about the last episode, despite its flaws. In fact, it was easily one of the better episodes of the season even in lieu of the Superman Effect rearing its head time and time again.


So what was it about the finale that has me shaking my head? Deb’s death? In all reality, with as many brushes as Deb has had with the great beyond, its no surprise that her nine lives were used up a long time ago. That’s no disservice to the character ether. Regardless of the “family therapy” the duo received this season, Deb’s conscience would never let her live her days out in peace if the writers stayed true to the essence of the character. Maybe it is the idea of “character” that seems to be striking a disodent chord with me. Dexter has given us a cast of fantastic peripheral characters that at times seemed anything but secondary. Moments of Dexter have felt as though it was these characters that were shaping the show, allowing the titular character to become who he was destined to be. Unfortunately we just don’t get enough of a proper sendoff for them to feel any sense of satisfaction. In all honestly, they just didn’t have much to do and felt more expendable than they ever have throughout the duration of the show. With so many wonderful characters we could have really paid homage to a fantastic cast by just giving them a little more screen time. Which is why the finale felt a little more of a “what if” alternative universe scenario than an actual ending. I half expected to learn that multiple endings were shot and different ones were shown to different target areas, maybe the midwest getting the “lone drifter” ending, where California got the “shot down in a blaze of glory” ending.

That is not saying that the finale was not without its great moments. Elway getting pwned on the bus and left drugged and defeated was a fitting punishment. The look on Quinn‘s face in the interrogation room showed us his understanding of Dexter and how he’s recognized the killer of killer’s value. Finally, in what might actually be the season highlight: Dexter recognizing that the proverbial storm coming for him is right on the horizon, black, deadly and unforgiving, as he steers toward it, perhaps making the most selfless and human decision he’s ever made.

I might even disagree with some of the detractors as we see a forlorn, solitary Dexter stare into the camera. A stare devoid of narrative voiceover, devoid of Harry‘s wisdom and advice. A stare that some might see as a defeated shell of the character we loved. I might even disagree and say that there is a tiny bit of redemption in that stare. A stare of self inflicted justice that despite its rewards, carves like a knife into the heart of the enforcer. I might.

I might not even be saying that the series finale was bad at all. Indeed, I’m not. I’m just saying that after 8 seasons, I’m still looking for the ending the other guys got that everyone is still talking about.

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Review – The Wake #1

September 22, 2013 in Comics Reviews, Featured


So, we’re jumping on board a little late with this title, BUT I’ve heard nothing but good things about this series and thought we needed to devote a little time to it.

Doctor Archer, a marine biologist with specializations in cetological vocalizations is a little down on her luck. Shunned be her peers, ostracized from her prior affiliations, she’s struggling to regain control of her life and custody of her son. Approached by a long time detractor to user her specialty researching a mysterious recording, she jumps at the chance when her questionable but rich benefactor explains how he can help steer her custody case in a favorable direction. Archer soon finds herself aboard a deep sea oil rig with several other specialists from different fields and as one of the workers is rushed in bloody and screaming,  and suddenly we are treated to a glimpse of our REAL antagonist… but I don’t wanna spoil the first issue’s reveal for you just yet.

Scott Snyder (writer) and Sean Murphy (artist) do well complimenting each others style here and the result is pretty impressive. The book comes across BIG in both scope and execution and just FEELS like an event story from page one. In fact, if there is something The Wake does deftly well from its first image and word balloon is that it sets the hook in deep and by the time we flip the back cover we are certainly clamoring for more. There are some nice Lovecraftian elements here, a real sense of foreboding, and with Snyder at the helm, I’m sure there is plenty of horror yet to come in the following books of this ten issue series to satiate even the more discerning readers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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Eagle One Media acquires haunted feature film The Last Light: An Irish Ghost Story

September 19, 2013 in Movie News

lastlightEagle One Media is proud to announce it has acquired
worldwide rights to the Yellow Fever Production film The Last Light: An
Irish Ghost Story. Director George Clarke’s feature film shot on location
in Northern Ireland at a real Ulster mansion that is reported to actually
be haunted. The feature film will be release on DVD November 5th in North
America, and on VOD and digital platforms, and rolled out globally in
various territory markets.

The official trailer can be viewed on YouTube:

The Last Light: An Irish Ghost Story won Robert Render the best actor
award at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival. The film is a multiple film
festival award winner that delivers and with glowing reviews:

“The scariest film since the Blair Witch!”- Belfast Telegragh
“Scared me sh*tless! Genuinely terrifying entertainment.” Mike Leeder,
Impact Magazine
“Shreds the nerves!” – James Gracey, Behind The Couch

The Last Light: An Irish Ghost Story can be pre-ordered on DVD at
Amazon.com. With VOD and digital availability updates to follow.

Horror fans can visit the Eagle One Media (www.eagleonemedia.com) for news
on other upcoming feature film releases or signup on it’s newly launched
facebook page.

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September 19, 2013 in Movie News

UNDER_THE_KNIFE_POSTER_130618Bloated Cat Productions in association with Penguin Films, is
currently in post production with the horror feature film UNDER THE
KNIFE, written and directed by Josh Hoffman. J. Pingo Lindstrom is

“Beverly travels to South Korea to get plastic surgery,
but ends up unknowingly getting a computerized
implant from a surgeon who maniacally turns his
patients into beautiful killing machines.”

UNDER THE KNIFE stars Jin-geun Kim (ACACIA, 2003 and VOICES, 2007) as
Dr. P and Jyeong-ah Kim as Beverly. The movie was filmed on location
in South Korea, Japan and the US.

This gore-filled suspense thriller is a South Korea / Sweden
co-production, with post being done in Sweden. J. Pingo Lindstrom
previously produced ANGRY, starring Bo Svenson (KILL BILL).

UNDER THE KNIFE will premiere worldwide on all media in 2014.
Trailer can now be viewed at the official site:


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One Way Static Records to release The Last House on the Left soundtrack

September 10, 2013 in Movie News


I know a lot of you have been looking forward to this. Official press release is below.

The wait is over….

One Way Static Records (from Belgium) is proud to announce pre-orders for their first release :

WES CRAVEN’S  ‘THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT‘  (Original 1972 Motion Picture Soundtrack by David Hess)

We worked long and hard to bring you the best possible version of this classic album. No efforts or costs were spared.

This historical release is available on several variants, please read on…

Limited Edition Color Vinyl, Packaged in a deluxe gatefold old school tip-on jacket and printed inner-sleeve. Available on RED & WHITE VINYL (inserted randomly). Both colors are limited to #300 copies worldwide and come hand-numbered. This version also comes with a bonus FLEXI DISC containing the original 1972 radio spots for the movie. This bonus flexi is exclusive to the limited edition and is not included with the regular version.
Regular Vinyl Edition. Pressed on classic BLACK VINYL. This pressing is limited to #1400 copies worldwide. Packaged in a deluxe old school gatefold tip-on jacket and printed inner-sleeve. Comes with obi-strip.
Compact Disc Version. Deluxe DIGIPAK CD with 12 page booklet. This pressing is limited to  #1000 copies worldwide. Contains three extra bonus tracks that did not make the movie’s original score. Also included is a 4th bonus track: a rare version of ‘Wait For The Rain/The Road Leads To Nowhere’ performed by David’s sons Jesse & Bo Hess (heard during the end-credits of Cabin Fever). These bonus tracks are exclusive to the Compact Disc, Cassette & Digital Download versions.
Digital Version. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD with 12 page PDF booklet. Contains three extra bonus tracks that did not make the movie’s original score. Also included is a 4th bonus track: a rare version of ‘Wait For The Rain/The Road Leads To Nowhere’ performed by David’s sons Jesse & Bo Hess (heard during the end-credits of Cabin Fever). These bonus tracks are exclusive to the Compact Disc, Cassette & Digital Download versions.
Cassette Store Day Exclusive Edition. Cassette Version with different artworks. Limited to #400 copies worldwide. Contains three extra bonus tracks that did not make the movie’s original score. Also included is a 4th bonus track: a rare version of ‘Wait For The Rain/The Road Leads To Nowhere’ performed by David’s sons Jesse & Bo Hess (heard during the end-credits of Cabin Fever). These bonus tracks are exclusive to the Compact Disc, Cassette & Digital Download versions. NOTE : This cassette version is ONLY available at participating record stores on cassette Store Day, Saturday September 7. Left-overs (if any) will be sold on our website afterwards.

ALL versions come with with extensive and exclusive liner notes from :

RUGGERO DEODATO (Cannibal Holocaust, The House On The Edge Of The Park) ULLI LOMMEL (The Boogey Man, Zodiac Killer) FRANCO NERO (Django, Django Unchained, Die Hard 2) GIOVANNI LOMBARDO RADICE (The House On The Edge Of The Park, Cannibal Ferox, City Of The Living Dead) MARC SHEFFLER (Happy Days, Who’s The Boss?, Charles In Charge) … and many more.

All versions are now available for pre-order, the street date is set on October 21. Digital downloads are available immediately. Due to the highly limited nature of this release we urge fans to pre-order it. There is no guarantee there will be any left on the actual street date.

UK & European customers can order straight from our website www.onewaystatic.com

US & Canadian based customers can order the release through our North American partner www.lightintheattic.net

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Dexter – Season 8 Video Recap

September 9, 2013 in Television, Video/TV

Well, its been a long 8 years for America‘s favorite serial killer and after a very successful run, Showtime is officially calling it quits, ending one of their longtime tent-pole programs. This, the 8th and final season of Dexter is now in its 10th episode with just 2 more to go till re reach what is hopefully a stunning, thrilling, series finale. For those of you who just haven’t have time to catch up with the exploits of The Dark Avenger, here is our season 8 video recap!!!


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WWE Studios, Lionsgate Scare Up ‘See No Evil’ Sequel

August 6, 2013 in Movie News


WWE Studios is bringing “See No Evil” back to life, producing a sequel with Lionsgate to the horror film that will again star wrestler Kane as a psychopath that goes on a killing spree.

“See No Evil” was the first film that WWE produced through its film division, and went on to earn $19 million worldwide when it was released in 2006 — its biggest hit until this year’s Halle Berry thriller “The Call,” which generated $52 million to date.

Production on “See No Evil 2″ will start in the fall, with identical twin helmers the Soska Sisters Jen and Sylvia (“American Mary”) set to direct. They are also among the directors that will contribute to the anthology series “ABCs of Death 2.” The duo captured the attention of the film biz with their low-budget indie “Dead Hooker in a Trunk” in 2009.

Kane will return as the reclusive madman Jacob Goodnight, who rises from the dead in the city morgue after his killing spree at the Blackwell hotel and goes after a group of medical students who fight to survive. Nathan Brookes and Bobby Lee Darby are co-writing the script.

In Gregory Dark’s first film, Kane’s seven-foot tall, 400-pound character has a rusty steel plate screwed into his skull and razor-sharp fingernails as he stalks a group of juvenile delinquents tasked with cleaning up an abandoned hotel.


Lionsgate will handle worldwide distribution of ”See No Evil 2,” while WWE Studios will promote the film through its weekly TV series, digital, social media and print platforms.

“See No Evil 2″ becomes the fourth film WWE Studios has produced with Lionsgate after the original “See No Evil,” “The Condemned” and a reboot of the “Leprechaun” series, which will star WWE’s Hornswoggle.

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