Kansas Horror Film Set in Abandoned Mall


From the Seed and Spark crowdfunding campaign:

“Follow the Leader enters the POV of our newly sense deprived characters, as they fight for survival. Our film explores communication, technology and friendship through the husk of an abandoned 90s shopping mall, an unsettling, vaporwave-inspired coffin of nostalgia.

After a brutal car crash, three business partners wake up in an abandoned mall having each lost one of their senses (sight, hearing, speech). Trapped inside by a blizzard, they soon realize they’re being hunted. As commuincation breaks down, and the tension ramps up, they must learn to trust each other and decide whether they even should. Throughout the movie, the camera enters the perspectives of our characters as they explore, stripping the audience of that sense, and taking them on a ride as the story unfolds.

Our generation is obsessed with nostalgia, and it’s getting old. That’s why we wanted to set this movie in an abandoned 90s mall. We want the audience to re-experience the 90s, not as pandering internet clickbait, but as a surreal, haunted memory. When the audio cuts out, we want the audience to be frantically searching the mall, looking for danger. And when the visuals cut to black, we want people straining to make out that faint, horrifying noise, over the sound of the distorted and creepy 90s-inspired pop music.”

Follow the Leader from Follow The Leader on Vimeo.

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