Interview with The Possession Diaries’ Katherine Munroe

Newcomer Katherine Munroe immerses herself in the role of Rebecca Clarkson, a young woman suffering from demonic attacks after playing with an Ouija board one night, in June release The Possession Diaries.

Congrats on The Possession Diaries! First starring role?

Thank you! This was my first lead role in a feature film.  And I have not done any PR or interviews for any other films. So, here goes!

How much did your early work – as an extra – prepare you for a lead role?

It was definitely great to do some background work, to really experience what it was like to be on set all day, watching how everyone worked, etc. Every set is different. 

And it’s all experience, right?

Well, as with any career, it’s important to build your resume as an actor. Experience always opens doors at least a little bit. Even bit parts give you a chance to show people what you can do.

So how did The Possession Diaries come about?

I submitted for Possession Diaries on LA Casting. That’s how I got the audition, and my audition is how I landed the role.

Was there anything especially challenging about the role? 

In my opinion, most of the scenes were wonderfully challenging in one way or another. I didn’t need my arm twisted. I was excited to accept the challenge and rise to the occasion.

Ouch! And nothing uncomfortable you were asked to do?

There wasn’t anything in this movie that I was uncomfortable with. I think mainly that is due to the fact that everyone on set was very professional and made me feel at ease always.

Watch Linda Blair in The Exorcist or similar films before the shoot?

I didn’t watch any performances in the genre for inspiration before shooting this, because I wanted to make the character authentic and completely my own.

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