Horror Short “Killer Date” Reminds us of the Crazy-Hot Ratio!!!


So, I know its a weird way to lead an article with “a lot of my friends are douchebags”, but HEY, its all about CONTEXT, am I right? Soooooo, a lot of my friends are douchebags and more than one just happen to be unapologetic, bottom-of-the-barrel womanizers. We don’t have to bring up my own somewhat despicable past to know that often we can smell our own. In hind-sight…WHAT IN THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!?!?! In the modern age its not so much just acceptable as it is the norm to meet a complete stranger for drinks, dinner, and sometimes a hell of a lot more. Well, it’s no wonder that craigslist killers basically have the pick of the litter…because…THIS SHIT IS DANGEROUS!!! Today’s horror short definitely reinforces the idea that “thinking” is definitely a bygone past-time in the era of internet dating. Enjoy!

Killer Date (Short Horror Film) from Carlos Omar de León on Vimeo.

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