Review – “The Endless” Accomplishes the Impossible all the While Making us Believe in it

Filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead have successfully cracked a code that has left many a creator dumbfounded. How do you tackle a high-brow concept reminiscent of a David Lynch fever dream an...

4.5 Poor

Review – Primal Rage is Part Predator, Part Pumpkinhead and LOADS of Gory Fun!

We often talk about the impact the 80s had on horror, how it is the golden age of gore and sets the precedent for everything that has come since. It is often that we tend to neglect the 90s. The 90s, ...

Review – A Quiet Place is Damned Near Perfect

You can have your horror revolution with It Follows, The Babadook and Get Out. I’ll take mine with A Quiet Place. There are a million reasons why John Krasinski’s horror effort A Quiet Place, pardon t...


Review – Hellraiser: Judgement (2018)

There are moments of true promise in Hellraiser: Judgement. Moments that speak to the possibilities of the ailing franchise that have long been ignored despite a wealth of books. comics and other mate...


Review – Victor Crowley (2018)

I’ve never been a huge cheerleader of Adam Green’s Hatchet franchise. It’s another modern horror film that toted a novelty of being a slasher throwback and although it had its moments its ...


Review – Mom and Dad (2018)

Some movies spend a lot of time trying to figure out what they want to be. Other movies try to impress a message upon their audience. Others still just tell a story and find their message and identity...


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