BOOK REVIEW – “The Overleden: Hell on Earth” by Terence Simmons

This novel is a complex lattice with sub-stories traversed between them, creating a magnificent performance worth becoming a movie. Or two, I must say, because here we have material for weeks. LetR...


What Stopped Halloween 2018 From Being Great

What Stopped Halloween 2018 From Being Great? I always feel a weird sense of self betrayal when I find myself apologizing for a movie’s faults. Sure, I defend the things that I love and usually do so ...


Review – Mandy (2018)

Historically, it’s horror and science-fiction that have always pushed the cinematic envelope. Horror, unlike its somewhat nerdier counterpart is more prone to push, yet get stuck. In fact, just ...

9.8 Amazing

Review – Blood Fest (2018)

For many horror movies, the fabled brass ring is to scare your audience. So each year, tons of entries strain in their seats, hands extended, trying to do just that. Some of them manage to expand on p...

8.8 Great

Review – Summer of 84 (2018)

There is a lot to like with Summer of 84. The film, which focuses on a group of persistently horny pre-teens as they investigate the possibility of their next door neighbor being a serial killer, take...

8.2 Great

Review – Prodigy (2017)

Directors Alex Haughey and Brian Vidal’s 2017 effort ‘Prodigy‘ does something that too many horror films are regrettably forgetting to do: provide an intriguing story that chooses to...

9.2 Amazing


If you look up the term “Living Legend” you’ll find all sorts of names, and one of them is Larry Cohen. He is a auteur in the likes of filmmakers like Roger Corman and Lloyd Kaufman ...


BOOK REVIEW – “Death, Infection, The Devil… and Jed” The Best of Howard Carlyle

Allow me to talk a bit about my thoughts on Howard Carlyle. This book is not the first work I read by him since I follow his blogs “The Meyerstown Secret” and “Gloriously Gory”...


“Black Wake” Review – There are worse things in the water than jellyfish….

Jeremiah Kipp (Director), Carlos Keyes (Exec Producer), David Gere (Co-Producer), and Jerry Janda (writer) have breathed new life into the “found footage” phenomenon with their new horror film Black W...

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