Does Army of the Dead’s “WOKE” Subplot Bury Its Finer Moments?

Special thanks to guest reviewer Travis Taylor for his wordsmithin’!!! Army of the Dead is the newest generation of Zombie flix and does not fail to entertain on any level. The actors and action...

7.8 Good

Review – Kinks (2021 Short)

A good short does exactly what it sets out to do: provide its audiences with a capable, coherent storyline that leaves the viewer wanting to explore its themes in a feature length format. Kinks does e...

7.7 Good

Review – The Power (2021)

There seems to be a portion of horror fandom that has forgotten how horror films have been vehicles for female empowerment for QUITE A LONG TIME. I read a multitude of reviews following last year’s Sh...

7.8 Good

Does Godzilla vs Kong Prove that Bigger is Better?

Well, we’ve been itching to get our latest video review out there in the wild for y’all, so here ya go! We’ve been waiting seemingly forever for Godzilla vs. Kong to finally drop on ...

8.4 Great

13 Slays till X-Mas may not stick its landing, but it still brings the fun

I am genuinely a lover of anthology films. In the world of horror, it is a wonderful way for a filmmaker to pack a powerful punch in a relatively short running time. The examples of genre films and se...

5.2 Average

Review – Shadow in the Cloud Kicks WW84 Right in the Invisible Jet

Trailers, for as much as I love a good binge session of things to come, can often OVER prepare you for a film; showing too many revelations, highlighting too many “a-ha” moments, and building a hype t...

9.6 Amazing

Review – Freaky is Formulaic Fun

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Blumhouse. I love the fact that we have a production house dedicated to the genre. Not unlike Hammer, Blumhouse continues to give us quality horror and we...

7.6 Good

Review – Backstroke (Horror Short)

When two teens steal a car and run away from home, things go awry when they make a pit stop on their way to Florida. Backstroke is a short from writer and director Robbie Barclay (Dope City, Dayb...


Motel Hell – Limited Edition Steelbook Review

Scream Factory is gearing up for some huge releases this month. In addition to the hotly anticipated Friday the 13th Deluxe Edition, they are brining back some of their previously released titles in l...

7.8 Good

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