Night Terrors Radio – The Bell Witch

Night Terrors Radio – The Bell Witch

Pat Fitzhugh has written two books about the Bell Witch legend: “The Bell Witch Haunting” and “The Bell Witch: The Full Account.” Two later movies took the name of his first book. His second book...


Never Hike in the Snow and the Future of Friday the 13th with Vincente DiSante

It’s been three long years since we last caught up with filmmaker Vincente hot on the release of his groundbreaking Friday the 13th fan film, Never Hike Alone. Fast forward to 2020 and we sat do...


Night Terrors Radio – No Escape Director Will Wernick

Escape rooms have always had this dark allure for me. One the one side of the sword they are a novelty, a parlor trick and a helluva lotta of fun. On the other side there is always the possibility tha...


Night Terrors Radio – Felissa Rose

If there is one scream queen in the horrorsphere that needs no introductions it’s Felissa Rose. From her iconic performance in Sleepaway Camp to her most recent release A Nun’s Curse, Feli...


Night Terrors Radio – “In Search of Tomorrow” with Jessica Dwyer

After the overwhelming popularity of 80’s horror doc “In Search of Darkness” we were certainly curious of what the creative team behind it had lined up next for fans. Not skipping a ...


Night Terrors Radio – Rene Perez – Director of Cry Havoc

Rene Perez has managed to do something really special with his latest Havoc-fueled entry in the series, “Cry Havoc”. Like other brilliant action-horror mash-ups such as Silent Rage, Perez ...


Night Terrors Radio – HNN presents with Michael Joy

Michael Joy has been in the horror business a while. 12 years ago he started horrornews.net, one of the most formidable forces in the web horror game. Now, Michael is again putting his imprint on the ...


Night Terrors Radio – The Embalmers’ Rebecca Rinehart

We sit down with Dr. Boobenstein herself, Rebecca Rinehart. Rebecca is the creative force behind The Embalmers (Indiegogo) and has just recent been cast as “Nat” in the Horror-Fix Pictures...


Night Terrors Radio – Vampire Horror “Captive”

Remember what seems now like the distant past when Hollywood was seemingly overrun with vampires? Aside from the sparkling variety I didn’t mind it so much. In fact, I’m quite in love with...

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