Review – Teacher Shortage (2020)

Travis Escamilla’s (Party Night) Teacher Shortage manages to do some pretty great things in its hour and twenty minutes. Firstly, in a market where most slashers are more concerned with establis...

7.1 Good

‘SLEEPLESS BEAUTY’ Official Trailer and Posters Revealed

Russia, extreme experiments with people’s dreams and psychology. What would happen if you were locked between four walls and tortured without explanation? This happens to the protagonist, who is...


ALIEN OUTBREAK!  The invasion begins this January

from writer-director Neil RoweALIEN OUTBREAK A war of the worlds begins this February when writer-director Neil Rowe’s special effects showcase ALIEN OUTBREAK lands on digital and DVD from High ...


Explicit, Violent, and Disturbing WE Coming Out on DVD/Blu-ray

A Group of Millennials Fall off the Morality Cliff in WEDutch Coming-of-Age Tale Takes an Unflinching Look at Aimless Youth Artsploitation Films has announced the release We, a film considered controv...


Tokoloshe: An African Curse Coming to VOD This February

Reel Nightmare Films has announced the February 14th USA VOD release of Tokoloshe: An African Curse, “an intriguing & atmospheric new horror feature with plenty of scares and high production value...


Paranormal Thriller “The Dawn” Will Convert You!

The new paranormal psycho-thriller The Dawn was released in select theaters, digital, and on-demand throughout North America on January 10, 2020. The film is now available on most major cabl...


5 Internet Legends That Deserve Hardcore Horror Films

In a world of remakes, reboots and infinite sequels it feels as though the well might have finally run dry on the world of horror. There might, however, be an untapped vein online, with a new bred of ...

The Esoteric Cut 💀 New 4K transfer and restoration

Rediscover the most infernal work of fantasy cinema with an all new restored version featuring a new soundtrack and never seen before period intertitles. Häxan: The Esoteric Cut is a monster. Just lik...


New Poster for Lake of Shadows

There is a new poster for Michael S. Rodriguez’s (Last American Horror Show Part 1) Lake of Shadows: the Legend of Avocado Lake. Lake of Shadows follows three aspiring journalism majors as they seek t...

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