Mick Strawn and Jeremy Brown to co-direct The House In The Pines

Mick Strawn and Jeremy Brown are teaming up to direct the new horror film, “The House In The Pines”.  They are coming off the success of Friday the 13th Vengeance with lots of momentu...


The United States of Horror – an anthology to include 50 horror shorts

Dystopian Films is launching ananthology to include 50 horror shorts  Dystopian films is launching their biggest and most ambitious project to date; a horror anthology trilogy titled THE UNITED STATES...


Review – Anonymous Killers (2020)

In times of need, in times of stress and anxiety, there are platitudes that we use to give each other, the Hallmark-like one-liners that we keep loaded in the chamber just in case we don’t have the ri...

8.2 Great

NSFW Trailer: Casting Couch Slaughter

FoxTrot Productions announces Crowdfunder campaign for CASTING COUCH SLAUGHTER CASTING COUCH SLAUGHTER is a feature length comedy horror film being shot and made by FoxTrot Productions based in B...


The Millennial Killer wins ‘Best Indie Film at Wallachia International Film Festival

The Millennial Killer has been welcomed to the legendary Land of Prince Vlad III Dracula, universally known as Vlad the Impaler, Voivode of Wallachia, and been proclaimed as “Best Indie Film”! Martin ...



Out now on most digital formats and hitting disc September 22nd from Wild Eye Releasing! A three thousand year old&...

Review – THE DEAD ONES (2020)

Movies put us into a time and place. Horror movies are meant to put us in situations that we as viewers, are glad we do not actually have to endure. A movie should get you into the story quickly. THE ...

7 Good

Paramount Pictures Debuts Trailer for Love and Monsters

Premiering at Home on October 16, 2020 Starring Dylan O’Brien, Jessica Henwick, Michael Rooker and Ariana Greenblatt Premiering at home, Love and Monsters will be available October 16t...


Decidedly FU@KED UP? *Official Trailer** Tokyo Home Stay Massacre

You’re not in Texas anymore. Welcome to Japan. This October, explore a new house of horrors.CultureSHOCK JAPAN presents A Tokyo Bay Films production TOKYO HOME STAY MASSACRE! Three American late teens...

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