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Review – Scare Me (2020) is beautifully simplistic

Scare Me (2020) from writer/director and co-star Josh Ruben is a low budget thriller now available on Shudder. The script is simple enough, the atmosphere is ominous and appropriately foreboding. The ...

6.5 Fair

Review – WE GOT A MONKEY’S PAW (2018 Short)

So many times, when you watch a movie, you hope it will be an experience that will make you want to re-watch it. With WE GOT A MONKEY’S PAW, we got a winner. This short film has a running time of 8:32...

8.5 Great

Review – THE DEAD ONES (2020)

Movies put us into a time and place. Horror movies are meant to put us in situations that we as viewers, are glad we do not actually have to endure. A movie should get you into the story quickly. THE ...

7 Good

Review – Attack of the Unknown (2020)

Hollywood has often told us that the whisper heard on the winds is the death rattle of the big summer blockbuster. Aside from Marvel Studios and the Fast and Furious franchises we have seen more sink ...

8.4 Great

Review – Widow’s Point (2020)

In a sea of throwback slashers and wannabe grindhouse backyard do-it-yourselfers, Gregory Lamberson’s Widow’s Point practically does the unthinkable in serving its audience a truly creepy indie ghost ...

8.3 Great

Yup, Color Out of Space is the Most Brilliant, Fucked Up Thing You’ll See All Year

At some point in time the horror genre became so synonymous with haunted dolls, jump scares and homicidal puzzles that the audience just forgot that it could ask for more. We waited for the next seque...

10 Perfect

Review – Teacher Shortage (2020)

Troy Escamilla’s (Party Night) Teacher Shortage manages to do some pretty great things in its hour and twenty minutes. Firstly, in a market where most slashers are more concerned with establishi...

7.1 Good

Review – Crypsis (2019)

There’s an undeniable charm to Paul Anthony Rogers’ almost militant approach to straight forward film-making that makes Crypsis hard not to like.  A group of friends, on a dare, decide to venture...

6.8 Fair

Review – Mayday (2019)

If Hitchcock knew one thing, he knew that the threads that tether man to its humanity are tenuous at best. Once those threads start to unravel and the things that make us human are stripped away, some...

7 Good

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