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Death Comes to Artsploitation

Artsploitation Film’s Obsession with Death ContinuesAs the Award-Winning Dead Dicks and The Dead Ones Are Acquired for US Distribution Artsploitation Films has announced the acquisition of two n...


Grindhouse Trailer for Borderland

Andrew Jara’s BORDERLAND will be released on VOD Amazon and Roku on March 24, 2020 through Meridian Releasing.  It is currently available on DVD and Blu-ray.  In anticipation, a 1...


Greek Filmmakers Release First Computer Screen Movie During COVID-19 Lockdown

As the world is in the midst of scenes that could well be thrown out of thriller narratives, and people are confined to their homes, the creators of Scopophilia, the first European computer screen fil...


“Mad Heidi” Gets Justice Against the Po-Po!

HEIDI VS. THE STATE: Screenwriter gets justice! A groundbreaking verdict of the administrative court against the police!MAD HEIDI co-scriptwriter gets justice from the court. From the press release:&#...


Its the End of the World as we Know it – New Teaser Trailer from ‘The Dead Rose’

Here’s the new teaser trailer for Thunderknight Entertainment’s upcoming feature film The Dead Rose. This film is in pre-production and it stars legendary action stars Vernon Wells (The Road Warrior, ...


Time-traveling assassins? Trailer and Poster for “Same Boat”

A time-traveling assassin finds himself on a cruise ship, where he falls for the women he’s supposed to kill, in Same Boat – coming this April from Dark Star Pictures! James is a time travelling assas...


Small Town Monsters Looks for Extraterrestrial Contact in “On the Trail of UFOs”

Small Town Monsters Examines Extraterrestrial Contact in New Miniseries“On the Trail of UFOs” to Release March 20thSeries Set to Explore America’s Complicated Relationship with UFOsF...


The Demon is “Behind You” – Trailer and Poster Released

Vertical Entertainment has released the trailer and poster for demonic horror film BEHIND YOU! In this directorial debut from Andrew Mecham and Matthew Whedon, ...


Female Led ‘The Embalmers’ Hits Indiegogo

SOOOO it is with absolutely no shame that I have to say.. TAKE MY MONEY!!! So take a look and get our yer wallets!!! The Quint Family Funeral Home has served the citizens of rural Morgan County for ag...

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