Review – Horror Short “Stakeout” (2020)

Short films have a history of being the perfect proofs of concepts for their future feature length counterparts. I also think it is a fantastic way for filmmakers to hone their craft, perfecting pacin...

8.2 Great

“Halloween” Fan Creates Halloween 1 & 2 Bridge Edit

Sequels are not only the opportunities to expand on a cinematic mythology, but also the means to which those mythologies can get get mixed up and piss the fans right off. The beginning of Halloween 2 ...


Ultimate Horror Board Game “Slice & Dice” Available for Pre-Order August 11th

Are you a Psycho or a Savior? Slice & Dice, the deck building strategy game from Horror-Fix creator Ash Hamilton asks the player that very question in a race for the highest body count. The game, ...


Super 7 Army of Darkness Figures are Now Available!

I love the fact that the Super 7 line keeps expanding. We have had some absolutely great entries from Big Trouble in Little China to the original Alien assortment. This time I am so excited as Super 7...


Rob Zombie Trilogy Steelbook Blu-ray arrives 9/8

Rob Zombie’s family of serial killers is coming home in style, in the Rob Zombie Trilogy arriving September 8 on Steelbook™ Blu-ray from Lionsgate, exclusively at Target. The terrifying trilogy ...


Felissa Rose and Stevie Lee Join the Cast of ‘Ole Splitfoot”

Sleepaway Camp’s Felissa Rose and American Horror Story’s Stevie Lee join the cast of horror-comedy “The True Tale of Ole Splitfoot vs. The Lesbian Warrior Nuns of the Great White North”. Joining a ca...


Lawrenceville Gets Amazing Tom Savini Mural

This is pretty fantastic. Savini was my doorway into the idea of making films. He was larger-than-life and somehow the “every man” at the same time. The mural, painted by artist Jeremy Ray...


Popcorn Frights Partners with Shudder to Present “Yummy” and “The Beach House”

Popcorn Frights Partners with Shudder to Present “Yummy” and “The Beach House” for a Double-Bill of Mayhem at the Drive-In Horrorshow Popcorn Frights, the largest genre film festival in Southeast US, ...


Bai Ling and Ron Jeremy Join the Cast of “Ole Splitfoot”

International Actress Bai Ling and celebrity superstar Ron Jeremy join the cast of what is now being called “possibly the craziest horror-comedy of all time”. Just days after the release of the film’s...

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