Pennywise Dolls Falling from the Sky in NJ?!?!

OK, so this could very well be just another viral marketing stunt for the second chapter of Stephen KIng’s IT, and a damn good one, but bizarre all the same. So, imagine looking up to the skies ...


Night Terrors Radio – Cast and Crew of ‘The Velocipastor’!

Every once in a long while a movie comes along that changes the public’s perception of cinema; a movie that challenges social paradigms and breaks down the differences that separate us. I have n...


Is Friday the 13th for Nintendo Switch a Killer Addition to the Console?

Two years after the release of Friday the 13th the game, it finally comes out to Nintendo Switch at forty US dollars. Even though it’s called “The Ultimate Slasher Edition” it’s no different from the ...

5.75 Average

Review – The Banana Splits Movie (2019)

As a child, I loved watching all the Hanna -Barbera shows that I could fit in. That included the Banana Splits (I watched in the mid-late 70’s to very early 80’s). You can imagine my delight when I sa...

7.6 Good

Night Terrors Radio – Rob Pistilli – Haunted Horror Movie Locations

Reunited after 10 YEARS, longtime friend of the site and show Rob Pistilli of Monroe County Paranormal Investigations makes his return with what could possibly be my favorite show yet. We dust off som...


‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ might just be a perfect “Gateway” Horror Film

There are images, movies, series, books and more that hardcore horror fans remember as being their introduction to the genre. For some, like me, it was the ritual of staying up late with a family memb...

8.8 Great

Horror-Fix wants YOU… to submit your films to Slice of Fright!

Slice of Fright Film Festival and parent entity CinemaSlice are looking for this year’s best horror shorts and they’ve enlisted Horror-Fix owner Ash Hamilton to join the hunt! Head on over to the fest...


Review – Mayday (2019)

If Hitchcock knew one thing, he knew that the threads that tether man to its humanity are tenuous at best. Once those threads start to unravel and the things that make us human are stripped away, some...

7 Good

This DIY Prop Replica from The Mummy is AMAZING!!!

I know that 1999’s The Mummy with Brendan Frazier is not everyone’s cup of tea. I also know that the 2017 attempt at revitalizing the franchise practically elevates Frazier’s silly r...

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