Horror-Fix talks to 3 from Hell’s Foxy Coltrane! Exclusive interview with Richard Brake!

We were absolutely thrilled to be able to sit down and talk with the one and only Richard Brake as he was taking a moment from his VERY busy schedule prompting his new film, Rob Zombie’s 3 from ...


Shriekfest Announces the U.S PREMIERE OF PORTAL!

Shriekfest Film Festival to screen the U.S PREMIERE of PORTAL Starring Ryan Merriman (Final Destination 3, Pretty Little Liars), Jamie Tisdale (From Dusk Till Dawn: The series), Myk Watford (True Dete...


Review – The Night Sitter (2019)

*Spoilers* The Night Sitter is a “bad babysitter gone good” horror flick that is reminiscent of the paranormal-styled slasher films of the 1990’s and early 2000’s.  We are intr...

8.2 Great

Night Terrors Radio – Mayday Director Massimiliano Cerchi

To celebrate the release of the Michael Paré thriller Mayday we asked the director Massimiliano Cerchi to take a seat with us down in the dark, dark depths of Horror-Fix labs. We talk about the direct...


Why do People Watch Horror Movies – The Science Behind Fear

Horror is a genre that not everyone likes. People always ask me why I like to watch horror movies and I always say the same thing. I love them. Much like some people want to watch romantic comedies an...

Review – “Momo: The Missouri Monster” (2019)

     (possible spoiler alert ahead)      Small Town Monsters productions and director Seth Breedlove have graced us with another cryptid adventure, “Momo: The Missouri Monster”.  Narrated by monster l...

7.2 Good

Review – IT: Chapter 2 (2019)

I have made absolutely no apologies about my love for 2017’s IT. I think it might be one of the bigger accomplishments of mainstream horror cinema, in scope, in ambition, and fortunately for us ...

9.9 Amazing

IT: Chapter 2 Experience Gives us an Actual Derry Festival in LA!!!

Yeah, its times like these when the crushing reality that the midwest isn’t the cultural mecca we were led to believe it is dropped right on our poor ole Illinois noggins. Last chapter we were g...


‘I Like Scary Movies’ Returns to LA for Halloween

Surprise! Like any good villain at the end of your favorite scary movies, we have returned for one last thrill.Just in time for Halloween, I Like Scary Movies returns to Los Angeles for an Encore Enga...

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