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D is for Demons, the fourth book in the epic A-Z of Horror series

Red Cape Publishing are proud to announce the release of D is for Demons on August 5th 2020 D is for Demons, the fourth book in the epic A-Z of Horror series from Red Cape Publishing, which consi...


Horror anthology ‘Dead and Breakfast’ now available

Novella horror anthology ‘Dead and Breakfast’ from author Gary Buller available now on ebook and paperback from Unnerving Magazine Dead and Breakfast is a new novella from author horror Gary Buller, w...


Meet your newest binge-ready obsession: dark fantasy noir KNOX

“….a tense and gripping read, a paranormal thriller with a robust queer cast and noir atmosphere that I just want to sink into” – Quick Sip Reviews Morgan Knox, a private inves...


Jim Towns releases chapter of his new horror book for free online during lockdown

Author Jim Towns and Anubis Press have released a chapter from the new book AMERICAN CRYPTIC- TRUE STORIES OF THE STRANGE AND UNCANNY online for free during the pandemic. Towns is best known for HOUSE...


The Independent Filmmaker’s Guide to the New Hollywood

The Independent Filmmaker’s Guide to the New Hollywood: Success in the Era of Netflix and Streaming Video  Pre-Order Now / Available August 2020 The Independent Filmmaker’s Guide to the New...


New novel ‘Darkened Wings Flutter’ from horror author Lou Yardley

Darkened Wings Flutter is the latest bloody novel from horror and fantasy author Lou Yardley, whose previous books include the award nominated werewolf themed Hellhound and demonic horr...


I Aint Afraid of no AWESOME Ghostbusters Artbook!

Ghostbusters: Artbook [May 5, 2020; $39.99] is an original, fully illustrate celebration of the iconic film franchise, featuring hundreds of unique pieces of art commissioned from all over the world. ...


Horror director Jared Masters’ new book ‘Thoughts Are All You Have’ published.

The unfiltered philosophy and mostly erotic autobiography of exploitation filmmaker, Jared Masters is now available. The Prince of Horror Erotica, AKA the Sultan of Sensationalism, the multi-award win...


Rise of the Harvester Book Three Homecoming Available Now

Rise of the Harvester 3 is the ongoing story of Samuel Troyer. A troubled boy from a young age, Samuel is now known as The Harvester, a monstrous and maniacal madman, who’s exploits are some of ...

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