BOOK REVIEW “Awakening” (Sequel of “Affinity’s Window”) by Douglas L. Wilson


This book is certainly the sequel of “Affinity’s Window” and for starters, I’ll say that if you thought it couldn’t get better, well, it does.

The first page already made me clench my teeth (obviously I won’t tell you why). Wilson shows, this time, a wide skill for the police and crime material, making it the main wire in the plot, dragging the characters in a storm of events they cannot control from minute one.

The author takes every single terrifying element from the first novel and makes them bloom in this piece. Little details sewing a complex web expose a deep hole where the characters fall, one after another, meeting their fatal fate.

There’s something I love about Wilson’s writing, and it’s his capacity for making you smile in the oddest moment. This makes you feel a spiral of emotions which keeps you alert along the whole book.

I like how he plays with celestial and demonic entities, making them low enough to disguise between us, simple mortals. Would the Devil be scared of a human? If he was… then why?

I enjoyed the first book, but I have loved this second one. I appreciate when authors don’t fall for average stereotypes as good/bad, hero/villain, weak/strong. Fate falls demolishing as gravity on every single character.

The end… something tells me this is not the last time we witness that bright blue… awakening.

I’m very happy with this two titles, and I will definitely grab them in paperback so I can add them to my “faves” shelf. Congratulations!

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