Trailer for Black and White Sci-Fi Thriller THE CYCLOTRON

Trailer for Black and White Sci-Fi Thriller THE CYCLOTRON

An Allied WWII Spy Must Assassinate a German Scientist Building an Atomic Bomb
The Cyclotron is a sci-fi thriller that takes place at the end of the Second World War.

Simone (Lucille Fluet), a spy working for the Allies, is entrusted with the mission to find and execute Emil (Mark Antony Krupa), a scrupulous Berlin scientist who discovered before the Americans the way to build an atomic bomb, and is fleeing with his secret. Simone finds him on a night train speeding towards Switzerland.

German soldiers, led by König (Paul Ahmarani), a German scientist, who want to arrest Emil and make him talk before he leaves the country, are also chasing him. Things get complicated when memories of love and quantum mechanics get intertwined in the pursuit.

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