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Simon Stålenhag’s Creepy and Haunting Sci-Fi Paintings are now gonna be an Amazon Series

I really do love this guy’s work. There is something so ethereal and yet so grounding about his work that the end result is nothing less than amazing. From the Verge article: “Over the last couple of years, Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag has earned considerable acclaim for Tales from the Loop, a science fiction art book that juxtaposes a sense of nostalgia for the rural countryside aga...[Read More]

We NEED Scream Factory’s New “Night of the Demons” Limited Edition Steelbook!

Complete with Angela Figure?!?!?! This set is truly a thing of beauty! Includes: This Exclusive Limited Edition contains: Night Of The Demons [Limited Edition Steelbook] An exclusive, limited edition 8″ tall fully poseable Angela action figure by NECA An exclusive, limited edition 28.5″ x 16.5″ rolled lithograph of the newly-designed art from artist Laz Marquez (this will ship ro...[Read More]

Teaser trailer drops for “Halloween; The Face of Michael Myers”

What is the true nature of Michael Myers? Hawthorne House Films and filmmaker Stephen Wolfe bring a fresh take on the classic white-faced antagonist of the Halloween franchise in a brand-new fan film that will soon be seeking your help through an exciting crowd funding initiative. SYNOPSIS: Forty years on from the initial violence that unsettled the suburban community of Haddonfield, IL, a new set...[Read More]

MushroomHead video for “We are the Truth” is ultimate Evil Dead homage!!!

Sometimes, as fans, we forget that celebrities of all kinds fall into the same categories as the rest of us; movie lovers that celebrate and pay homage to the films they love. Looks like metal band Mushroomhead is no exception. Just take a look at their fantastic love letter to the Evil Dead in “We are the Truth!

Horror Artist Paints a Slasher Renaissance!

I love the fact that horror has embed itself so deeply in our collective conscious that it literally transcends its own time and can place itself almost anywhere in our written history. I fine example of this just hit our desks the other say when artist Samuel Bazdresch sent us a link to these classic beauties! From his site: “In this series of oil paintings I am exploring the archetypal nat...[Read More]

Whistle: a TRANSMEDIA art project inspired by horror cinema

What it would be like to tell a story that evolves in space and time? One that invites audiences to participate creatively, experience all parts, discover, question and reshape the same story. What if there is no ONE end to a story? Whistle project is proposing and organizing a powerful way to experience cinema and invites all to be part of its’ utopic world of strange stories, horror, demon...[Read More]

Alien 40th Anniversary Contest Calls for YOU to Make the Next Installment!!!

This is the kind of contest that literally has the 12 year old in me squealing with joy! To celebrate Next year’s 40th Anniversary of one of the greatest sci-fi/horror films ever, Ridley Scott’s Alien, 20th Century Fox has turned to the fans to help bring the next installment of the series to life. Direct from the tongal website: “That’s right, Tongalers, we’re giving you t...[Read More]

Got 1600 Bucks? Take home this Life Size Aliens Wall Plaque!

So, like many of you, I also answered “no” this question. I do not have $1600.00 expendable american dollars at my disposable. If I did? Well, then I might just take home this absolutely gorgeous 1:1 scale Alien Queen wall plaque from Aliens. Currently available via pre-order over at Entertainment Earth, this truly is a terrifyingly beautiful piece of horror history!

Not a Skater? These Santa Cruz Mars Attacks! Skateboards might just change your mind!!!

I have always been a fan of Mars Attacks! From the original trading cards to the Tim Burton film there is something about the iconic horror imagery that has always stuck with me. I have to say that I think these Santa Cruz boards really are something great .So great in fact that skater or not, these things will look good on the street or on your way. Check out the unwrapping video of the blind pac...[Read More]

Strange Twitter Account Indicates Life Underground?

As much as the horror wheels spin here at horror-fix, sometimes they spin in far stranger circles. One of those circles surfaced just a few days ago when we started hearing stories of a bizarre twitter account going by the handle of There’s Life Underground‏@LifeIsBelow. The account, which started its bizarre tweets June 19th indicated that the account holder was located somewhere undergroun...[Read More]

Looks like that Evil Dead 2 game you’ve been waiting for? Well..hope you like waiting…

I’m no stranger to Kickstarter. In addition to helping back various projects over the years I’ve also thrown my hat into the ring and attempted to kickstart my own board game, Horror Boards. I learned a LOT from that initial crowdfunding attempt. One very important lesson was this” NEVER GO UP AGAINST A JUGGERNAUT HORROR TITLE LIKE AN OFFICIAL EVIL DEAD 2 BOARD GAME!!! You can ch...[Read More]