“3 : AN EYE FOR AN EYE” VOD Release August 7

Enter the basement of a complex and twist-filled kidnapping in award-winning filmmaker Lou Simon’s (“All Girl’s Weekend”, “HazMat”) 3 : An Eye for an Eye. A man and a woman kidnap her rapist in order to extract a confession from him. They need to get his confession on tape, because he has made up an alibi.  Locked up in the basement of a remote home, he is unwilling to confess on camera and contin...[Read More]

Exclusive Interview with Heather Langenkamp – over 30 years of Dream Warriors!

Call me crazy, but I think Dream Warriors is the most fully realized of the Nightmare movies. It successfully works to expand the mythology all the while setting the tone for the sequels to come. The cast was relatable for a mostly teen ensemble and the dream sequences were among the most memorable of the series. This year we celebrate 30+ years of the beloved sequel. We were lucky enough to catch...[Read More]

Horror Director Jon Bristol Brings His Puppet Show “Head” to Digital Platforms this July 13th!

TERROR FILMShas managed to bring horror fans everything under the sun. Ghosts, demons, killers and creatures of all shapes and sizes have been shown by this distributor. Their newest acquisition is set for release on Friday the 13th (July 13th, 2018). This genre distributor will bring you the most risquee in puppet horror, Jon Bristol’s HEAD! HEAD is everything you could want and more in a horror ...[Read More]

Strange Twitter Account Indicates Life Underground?

As much as the horror wheels spin here at horror-fix, sometimes they spin in far stranger circles. One of those circles surfaced just a few days ago when we started hearing stories of a bizarre twitter account going by the handle of There’s Life Underground‏@LifeIsBelow. The account, which started its bizarre tweets June 19th indicated that the account holder was located somewhere undergroun...[Read More]

“Who Was Phone” official trailer release

From the release: “Here arrives a movie  that is comedy as much as it is horror and classic as much as it is contemporary…  a film that combines familiar faces with the likes of successful black man, scumbag Steve,  friend zone Fiona and techno Viking( among others) …..With familiar scenes such as Epic beard man, Afro ninja, and a sh*t load more….a raunchy indie that gives ...[Read More]

Looks like that Evil Dead 2 game you’ve been waiting for? Well..hope you like waiting…

I’m no stranger to Kickstarter. In addition to helping back various projects over the years I’ve also thrown my hat into the ring and attempted to kickstart my own board game, Horror Boards. I learned a LOT from that initial crowdfunding attempt. One very important lesson was this” NEVER GO UP AGAINST A JUGGERNAUT HORROR TITLE LIKE AN OFFICIAL EVIL DEAD 2 BOARD GAME!!! You can ch...[Read More]

New World War Z Game Footage gives us INSANE zombie hordes!!!

Although World War Z the film left many audiences divided, a lot of fans did agree on one thing: the zombie horde scenes were pretty crazy. Zombies feverishly trying to reach victims, often piling on top of themselves, making a huge tower of the undead, was the stuff of nightmares. Despite its flaws and some major deviations from the source material, moviegoers shelled out enough hard earned cash ...[Read More]

On VOD Today: Tyler Savage’s Psychological Thriller ‘INHERITANCE’

Tyler Savage’s Inheritance Debuts on Digital HD Today Festival Favorite Twists the Question of Nature vs. Nurture Available Nationwide on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video “In a world where everything’s been done before, it was nice to see Inheritance forge its own path — Horror Society “…a deftly woven, completely beguiling amalgamation of surrealist nightmare an...[Read More]

So What Ever Happened to that Long Lost ‘King Kong’ Print from 2010?!?!?

I’ve often thought that if I could have the perfect job it would be that of a movie detective, a sleuth whose sole function was to track down rare, lost, or just rumored to exit movies. Yeah, I know this is shades of The Ninth Gate, but hey, its cool no matter how you carve it. Needless to say I was absolutely thrilled to learn of the found footage from Metropolis, one of my all time favorit...[Read More]

New Images Released for Neil Johnson’s ‘Evolution War’

Tracey Birdsall, whose extensive credits just this year include the award-winning Sony release “Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter” and the romantic comedy released just two weeks ago “Who’s Jenna…?” , plays Angel-D, a hero of the great machine war who returns to Earth to discover a terrible plague has wiped out humanity in the science-fiction movie. She is forced to build an army of robots to battle cr...[Read More]

Review – Heartless (Short) is Gore Drenched Wish Fulfillment!

At 11 minutes and change horror short Heartless is one of the most consistently engaging short horror films we’ve seen. Just like their feature counterparts, horror shorts have a tendency to build up a si