“Black Wake” Review – There are worse things in the water than jellyfish….

Jeremiah Kipp (Director), Carlos Keyes (Exec Producer), David Gere (Co-Producer), and Jerry Janda (writer) have breathed new life into the “found footage” phenomenon with their new horror film Black Wake.  A mysterious “sickness” seems to have taken hold on the inhabitants of a coastal area on the Atlantic seaboard.  While professionals struggle to find the origin of this devastating plague, Dr. L...[Read More]

BOOK REVIEW “Verdure” by Gregg Zimmerman

I don’t even know how to start this review. I would say that “Verdure” is a “big” title, in all ways. For starters, Zimmerman’s prose is spotless and graceful. Perhaps at first, you can feel a bit dizzy due to the accurate and sensorial descriptions, but once you submerge in the scenario the author builds up for you, you see yourself surrounded and impregnated b...[Read More]

BOOK REVIEW “These Walls Don’t Talk, They Scream” by Kevin Holton

Holton knows how to confuse your mind. He plays with a background of sadness that makes you lose perspective of what is right and what is wrong. A witness who, after all, hasn’t chosen its fate can only observe. And in observing, it decides… and condemns. Can you blame a cursed devil? Holton is a very intelligent mind, obviously, and it shines in his books (it’s not the first one...[Read More]

“How’s your Head?” – Review of Jon Bristol’s HEAD

As the promo poster declares, “There’s nothing funny about dead puppets”, but it’s entertaining as Hell!  This is definitely not your run-of-the-mill “Sesame Street” puppet movie.  Jon Bristol delights, frights, and weirds you out all at once with his all puppet cast horror film ‘Head’. ****POSSIBLE SPOILERS**** I’ll admit that when the film st...[Read More]

Review – Hereditary: An Unpopular Opinion

Hereditary… (Spoilers) This may not be a very popular opinion about this movie, but by the end of it, I was kinda pissed. I had such high hopes for this movie, especially after all the hype surrounding it; Instead I ended up extremely frustrated by the second half of this film, and ultimately sideswiped by the ending. There have been comparisons made of this movie to Rosemary’s Baby...[Read More]

BOOK REVIEW “Awakening” (Sequel of “Affinity’s Window”) by Douglas L. Wilson

This book is certainly the sequel of “Affinity’s Window” and for starters, I’ll say that if you thought it couldn’t get better, well, it does.The first page already made me clench my teeth (obviously I won’t tell you why). Wilson shows, this time, a wide skill for the police and crime material, making it the main wire in the plot, dragging the characters in a st...[Read More]


As human beings we put a lot of emphasis on anniversaries that land on a fifth or tenth year.  In 2018, HALLOWEEN will celebrate it’s fortieth anniversary.  Yes, the fortieth, not the thirty ninth or the forty first.  It truly cannot have been forty years since Haddonfield was placed on the map of horror.  It will be a year with a new installment to the series and I am sure there will be ple...[Read More]

BOOK REVIEW – “Affinity’s Window” by Douglas L. Wilson

This is the first piece I’ve read by this author. I’m greatly surprised. Ghosts and demons, pure paranormal threads are my thing in horror. I love them, and Wilson takes those terrifying strings and twirls them together, in such a loving way that you lose conscience of what side you are on. He plays in two superimposed dimensions, jumping from one to another without making the reader f...[Read More]

Review – Heartless (Short) is Gore Drenched Wish Fulfillment!

At 11 minutes and change horror short Heartless is one of the most consistently engaging short horror films we’ve seen. Just like their feature counterparts, horror shorts have a tendency to build up a single scare, exchanging narrative for a single thrill and largely, in the short form, it really works. Kevin Sluder’s Heartless succeeds by driving (what could very well have been a ful...[Read More]

BOOK REVIEW – “LOW” by Mike Duke. – Sin and guilt, the foundation of Hell.

Well, I had to take a couple days to write a review of this book, because it implies too many important concepts. The most important, in my opinion, is how this book DISTURBS you. But not in a regular way. Not in a bloody, gore way. Duke made a Black List of the most painful human feelings (guilt, regret, reproach, resentment, thirst for revenge) and turns the knife in each one of them to make you...[Read More]