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“Black Wake” Review – There are worse things in the water than jellyfish….

Jeremiah Kipp (Director), Carlos Keyes (Exec Producer), David Gere (Co-Producer), and Jerry Janda (writer) have breathed new life into the “found footage” phenomenon with their new horror film Black Wake.  A mysterious “sickness” seems to have taken hold on the inhabitants of a coastal area on the Atlantic seaboard.  While professionals struggle to find the origin of this devastating plague, Dr. L...[Read More]

“How’s your Head?” – Review of Jon Bristol’s HEAD

As the promo poster declares, “There’s nothing funny about dead puppets”, but it’s entertaining as Hell!  This is definitely not your run-of-the-mill “Sesame Street” puppet movie.  Jon Bristol delights, frights, and weirds you out all at once with his all puppet cast horror film ‘Head’. ****POSSIBLE SPOILERS**** I’ll admit that when the film st...[Read More]

Review – Hereditary: An Unpopular Opinion

Hereditary… (Spoilers) This may not be a very popular opinion about this movie, but by the end of it, I was kinda pissed. I had such high hopes for this movie, especially after all the hype surrounding it; Instead I ended up extremely frustrated by the second half of this film, and ultimately sideswiped by the ending. There have been comparisons made of this movie to Rosemary’s Baby...[Read More]

Review – Heartless (Short) is Gore Drenched Wish Fulfillment!

At 11 minutes and change horror short Heartless is one of the most consistently engaging short horror films we’ve seen. Just like their feature counterparts, horror shorts have a tendency to build up a single scare, exchanging narrative for a single thrill and largely, in the short form, it really works. Kevin Sluder’s Heartless succeeds by driving (what could very well have been a ful...[Read More]

Review – HELL’S KITTY (2018) – She’s going to use you for a scratching post.

In the world of horror films there are many types. Gothic horror, zombie films, slashers, possession and nature gone wild just to name a few. Occasionally a film comes along that sets a new standard or transcends genres. Hell’s Kitty is not one of those films. It is a low budget horror comedy. I know, I had you at low budget. Hell’s Kitty begins with a cat owner, Nick, who has a proble...[Read More]

Review – Jeepers Creepers 3 (2017)

So strange that we are actually reviewing a new Jeepers Creepers film considering that most of us never thought we would get a chance to do so. Now, we are reviewing the version of Jeepers Creepers 3 that aired on the SyFy channel so we might be reviewing a highly edited version for all we know. If you feel we are totally off base, let us know!!!

“Never Hike Alone” is Everything We Wanted in a Friday the 13th (fan) Film!!!

We’ve been following director Vincente Disanti’s Friday the 13th fan film “Never Hike Alone” for a while now. We even caught up with Vincente earlier this year when the trailer dropped (here). With news that the official franchise had been halted (and still no official word on any new entries), Never Hike Alone started to become the holy grail of Friday projects. Disanti la...[Read More]

Review – Cult of Chucky (2017)

I’ve always felt like the Child’s Play franchise was divided into three worlds: the original films (1-3), the slapsticky spoofs of the resurgence (Bride & Seed) and the last two films (Curse and the then forthcoming Cult). That’s almost thirty years of the the foul mouthed, knife wielding psychopath doll named Chucky. Three decades and three different eras. I dug the original series of films b...[Read More]

Review – IT (2017)

I will be the first to admit that that I was extremely reluctant to accept the reality of a new “It” film. The original happened at a time when event television was still a “thing”. It, the original miniseries, during that area, during my formative years was a big deal. It was a fairy large endeavor with an ensemble cast at a time when King was well, not just King, but the ...[Read More]

WITCH HUNT comes to BluRay/DVD combo August 14th

LC Films will release writer/director Richard Chandler’s (Gilgamesh, Lilith Trilogy) WITCH HUNT on August 14th on BluRay/DVD combo pack. The film stars Graham King, Tony Ramos Wright, Lilith Astaroth, and Richard Chandler. Synopsis: A Catholic priest questions his faith after a botched exorcism. Strange occurrences deriving from a satanic cult have lead Father James Costello back to his old ...[Read More]