Key Art and Release Date for Supernatural Horror ‘AURA’

Hereford Films, the London-based production outfit best known for its stylish and crowd-pleasing urban thrillers (We Still Kill the Old Way; Vendetta) has unveiled striking key art for the first title under its brand new Hereford Horror banner: the US-set, Blumhouse-style supernatural shocker, AURA. The film is due for release in the UK and USA in August by 4Digital Media and Sony Home Entertainme...[Read More]

Chris Columbus Officially Sh*ts the Bed – Gremlins 3 Nixed in Favor of ‘Full Reboot”

Mainstream Hollywood seems to be full of head scratchers these days. As recently as this past August original Gremlins scribe Chis Columbus was saying that the third entry, one that he toted as being incredibly dark, would indeed be a return to the original franchise and serve as a much welcomed official sequel to the first two films. Original series star Zach Galligan took to the web lobbying for...[Read More]

Pennywise Invades Gotham City in DC Comics/Stephen King Crossover?!?!

So Tuesday just keeps getting better and better. We see a lot of mashups where one universe bleeds into another. usually these are just fan edits of pre-existing footage. But a short original film where Pennwise, Jason Todd, the Joker and Nightwing share a universe together?!?!?! Well, color me happy as today we bring you Redhood IT from filmmakers Hisonni Johnson and Alberto Triana. Johnson and T...[Read More]

“Abrakadabra”, the new film by the Onetti brothers, will debut at Cannes

The film “Abrakadabra”, directed by brothers Luciano and Nicolás Onetti, will debut on May 12th at Cannes Film Festival. It has been one of the 7 films selected to participate in the “Upcoming Fantastic Films” section of Blood Window. “Abrakadabra” is the fourth film by the Onetti brothers and closes the “giallo” trilogy that began with “Sonno ...[Read More]

Mouse is Caught in a Trap in Indie Horror Flick ‘Tempus Tormentum’

Terror Films is set to release James Rewucki’s, Tempus Tormentum onto Digital platforms this Tuesday, April 17. The genre distributor is unveiling the official poster and trailer, prior to the film’s chilling release, right here. The film was written and directed by James Rewucki and produced by Absurd Machine Films. Tempus Tormentum stars Tyhr Trubiak as Mr. Mouse, an unlucky drifter who ha...[Read More]

Short Student Horror “Trunk” Will Make You Think Twice About Grocery Day!

I will skip the part where I sing the praises for short horror films and get right to the point. Horror is at its most effective when it preys upon those normal everyday routines that we take for granted: walking the dog at night, getting into our car in a dimly lit parking garage, going to get groceries. Blackburn College student Rob Wingerter’s “Trunk” capitalizes on the mundan...[Read More]


Aussie Sci-Fi/Action film OCCUPATION secures the opening night spot on Friday, May 25 at Monster Fest’s annual Brisbane event. Experience first contact in the last place you would expect: OCCUPATION is the highly anticipated new film from Luke Sparke, featuring an outstanding cast of Australian and international names including Dan Ewing (Red Billabong, Home and Away), Temuera Morrison (Star Wars,...[Read More]

Who Was Phone? Movie

Who Was Phone? Synopsis: Years after the death of her father, college student “Fiona Stephens” and her friends struggle to escape the grasp of a masked psychopath, hell-bent on their brutal murders… Written & Directed By David & Steve Daan Viral Meme Characters Loosely Based Off: Friend Zone Fiona Successful Black Man Idiot Nerd Girl Scum Bag Steve Scum Bag Stacey F...[Read More]

We Need a WAY Bigger Boat! ‘The Meg Trailer Capsizes our Tuesday!!!

I read Steve Alten’s ‘Meg’ what now seems like forever ago. I have an insanely unrealistic fear of sharks. Seriously. I love Jaws as it is one of the few movies that still unnerves me after all of these years. Well, there are a million reasons to love Jaws, let’s be honest. I will say the beginning of this trailer definitely set off my spidey sense when we see the little gi...[Read More]

Opening Friday! Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare Giveaway!

We’re not playing the game, it’s playing us! A harmless game of “Truth or Dare” among friends turns deadly when someone–or something–begins to punish those who tell a lie–or refuse the dare. Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare, starring Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) and Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf) opens in theaters Friday the 13th! To celebrate the release of this terrifying new ...[Read More]

Zack Wilcox’s Hunting Lands Screens at Newport Beach

A Reclusive Hermit Has a Violent Confrontation With the Injustices of the Outside World “Cook’s portrayal of Frank is masterful.”–MetroActive “A mesmerizing, bracing feature”–San Jose Mercury News APS Films has announced the next screening of Zack Wilcox’s Hunting Lands at the 19th Annual Newport Beach Film Festival. Set and shot in the backdrop o...[Read More]

A Blood Splattered Angel Descends To Deliver “Snowflake” – A Fucked Up German Fairy Tale

The Most Fucked Up German Fairy Tale Since The Brothers Grimm For Immediate Release Artsploitation Films has acquired the U.S. rights to SNOWFLAKE, The Most Fucked Up German Fairy Tale Since The Brothers Grimm. Produced by Lopta Films, Ventaro Films, and Movie Stuff Pictures, it’s a non-stop roller coaster ride with more twists and turns than you can imagine. Directed by Adolfo Kolmerer a...[Read More]

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