Strange(r) Things are Happening in the Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters Trailer!!!

I know a lot of us have been waiting for images/trailers/anything to hit from the Godzilla sequel so its only fitting that our first glimpses would come from SDCC. Can’t wait!!!

Sony Pictures Drops “Patient Zero” Trailer

So yeah, this one has been floating around for a while with seemingly a lot of confusion as to when it was going to be released and how it was going to be marketed. With Stanley Tucci, MAtt Smith and Natalie Dormer this looks like a win-win, but the studio’s lack of confidence has me skeptical as well.

Simon Stålenhag’s Creepy and Haunting Sci-Fi Paintings are now gonna be an Amazon Series

I really do love this guy’s work. There is something so ethereal and yet so grounding about his work that the end result is nothing less than amazing. From the Verge article: “Over the last couple of years, Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag has earned considerable acclaim for Tales from the Loop, a science fiction art book that juxtaposes a sense of nostalgia for the rural countryside aga...[Read More]

“Black Wake” Review – There are worse things in the water than jellyfish….

Jeremiah Kipp (Director), Carlos Keyes (Exec Producer), David Gere (Co-Producer), and Jerry Janda (writer) have breathed new life into the “found footage” phenomenon with their new horror film Black Wake.  A mysterious “sickness” seems to have taken hold on the inhabitants of a coastal area on the Atlantic seaboard.  While professionals struggle to find the origin of this devastating plague, Dr. L...[Read More]

“Welcome to Hell” starring Bill Oberst Jr. gets release date

Welcome To Hell! Enjoy Your Stay. Horror anthology “Welcome to Hell”, formerly entitled “Tales of Hell”, has been acquired for release by Wild Eye Releasing and will see its official DVD distribution on October 9, 2018.  Cast members include Bill Oberst Jr., Nicholas Adam Clark, Calico Cooper, Kim Sønderholm, Dmitri Schuyler-Linch, Tracey Decresie, Gabriel Lee, Cara Maurizi...[Read More]

American Psycho arrives on 4K Ultra HD

Sit back, relax, and turn on some Phil Collins, becauseAmerican Psycho: Uncut Version arrives on 4K Ultra HD™ Combo Pack (plus Blu-ray™ and Digital) September 25 from Lionsgate. This groundbreaking thriller based on the acclaimed book by Bret Easton Ellis stars Academy Award® winners Christian Bale (Best Supporting Actor, The Fighter, 2010), Jared Leto (Best Supporting Actor, Dallas Buyers Club, 2...[Read More]

Strangers: Prey at Night Pool Party Screening is a REAL THING!!!

Ok, I’m ALL IN for this one. You know the iconic pool scene from the Strangers: Prey at Night? Well, looks like some good folks got together and have planned a t pool party screening at the very location where it was filmed? Can’t get any cooler, you say? Well, the Man in the Mask Himself, actor Damian Maffei, will be there to make sure this thing kicks off right! WHEN: Saturday, Augus...[Read More]

We NEED Scream Factory’s New “Night of the Demons” Limited Edition Steelbook!

Complete with Angela Figure?!?!?! This set is truly a thing of beauty! Includes: This Exclusive Limited Edition contains: Night Of The Demons [Limited Edition Steelbook] An exclusive, limited edition 8″ tall fully poseable Angela action figure by NECA An exclusive, limited edition 28.5″ x 16.5″ rolled lithograph of the newly-designed art from artist Laz Marquez (this will ship ro...[Read More]

Teaser trailer drops for “Halloween; The Face of Michael Myers”

What is the true nature of Michael Myers? Hawthorne House Films and filmmaker Stephen Wolfe bring a fresh take on the classic white-faced antagonist of the Halloween franchise in a brand-new fan film that will soon be seeking your help through an exciting crowd funding initiative. SYNOPSIS: Forty years on from the initial violence that unsettled the suburban community of Haddonfield, IL, a new set...[Read More]

‘SHE LIVED ON FRANKLIN AVENUE’ is a descent into the dark and traumatic mind of a damaged drifter

SHE LIVED ON FRANKLIN AVENUE is a descent into the dark and traumatic mind of a damaged drifter. THE GIRL (Michelle Crane, WOODFALLS) operates on the fringes of society, navigating her way through a hostile world. However, when her circumstances change, she must rethink her lifestyle, opting to return to the place she fears most- the house on Franklin Avenue. Inspired by HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIA...[Read More]


With long-time Dolemite fan Eddie Murphy playing  Rudy Ray Moore (the creator of the films and the timeless character), these classics are now available on VOD, restored and remastered from original 35mm elements.  With a much anticipated biopic in the works at Netflix, there’s no better time to rediscover Rudy Ray Moore’s great film accomplishments, with Dolemite, The Human Tornado, Disco Godfath...[Read More]