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Top Three Horror Games of 2016

2016 was an interesting year for games of the horror genre. While the pickings for “best” game were relatively few and far between when compared to first person shooters or role-playing games, the independent scene did a lot of good in keeping horror alive. That being said, this list, which focuses on the top three horror games of 2016, did not escape the “survival horror” ...[Read More]


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt can be considered a crowning achievement for studio CD Projekt Red. The game concludes Geralt of Rivia’s epic tale, while it somehow propels the next gen RPG experience into new unrivaled territory. But this doesn’t mean The Witcher 3 is without it’s flaws. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt begins very swiftly, throwing you into the grand adventure without hesitation. There are a f...[Read More]

The Charnel House Trilogy (2015) Game Review

A game landed on my desk a few weeks back, The Charnel House Trilogy. Lacking familiarity I looked and saw it was an indie point and click title. My heart dropped a little because I was hoping for some crazy gore filled horror game. I tossed it aside for a while so I could try and finish Dying Light or Evil Within. Time passed and I needed a break from the nerve wracking insanity of a zombie apoca...[Read More]

Over 9000 Zombies! (2015) Game Review

  Twin stick shooters have been done a million ways to Sunday. I remember plugging quarters into Berzerk and the countless Saturday afternoons spent mastering games like Smash TV. I have played so many top down shooters that now it seems like I would rather skip new ones all together. Over 9000 Zombies! landed on my desk and promised that I would feel that retro love again, but do I want to? ...[Read More]

Review – Doorways: The Underworld (2014)

This game begins with a really interesting backstory, written by Brian Amadori, where a psychologist describes his method of entering the mind of his unstable and insane patients. This main character is notable for his voice actor, Sam A. Mowry. As I began, I first noticed the graphics of both the surroundings and the animated characters. The graphics of the surroundings are well textured but rela...[Read More]

Horror Gaming: The Best Of The Best

Fans of the horror genre of entertainment tend to focus largely on the film and television industries, where thrilling scares are released year in and year out. However, for those interested in a more interactive experience, we’re also seeing an increasing number of popular horror releases in the gaming industry. Here are a few prominent examples across various modes of gaming. Year Walk A g...[Read More]

Review – Call of Duty: Zombies (2013)

The Call of Duty brand is synonymous with classic multiplayer first person shooting gmaeplay. Many gamers much like myself have grown accustumed to that type of multiplayer gameplay, but a new and different game mode has been on the rise. The makers of Call of Duty have been experimenting with the uses of zombies as a primary enemy in their newest endeavors. The main gameplay of the zombies mode i...[Read More]

Dead Space 3 (PS3) 2013

Sometimes the best thing we can do is try and improve what someone else has done. Games are no stranger to this idea as they tend to borrow/mimic each other over and over. I have no issue with this mentality if you bringing something more to the table or putting a fresh spin on some burned out genre. Dead Space as a series can now safely say it has put it’s hand in almost every cookie jar. T...[Read More]

Review: Resident Evil 6 (Xbox 360)

In a world where excess can be a good thing sometimes you have to know when to draw the line. Resident Evil 6really wants to please the millions upon millions of fans it has gained since the first release in 1996, but can it? I am a diehard for this series and have played through some gems like Resident Evil 4 and some stinkers like Resident Evil: Survivor. One thing I have noticed is the progress...[Read More]

Review – The Walking Dead Episode 1: A New Day

Point and click gaming is one of those game styles that has seemed to run it’s course long before The Walking Dead came knocking. Anyone who has been gaming for a while will remember point and click masterpieces like Myst and Riven, which kept players enthralled in a rich visual world requiring a click here and there to move your player or solve a puzzle. More recently Telltale has been maki...[Read More]

Review – Plague Inc. (ios)

I have never been much of a mobile gamer. Back in my younger days I owned a Gameboy and loved it but I feel like part of me has grown away from mobile gaming. I do own a Nintendo DS but my wife has logged many more hours using it. The 3DS was neat until it started giving me headaches. So I gave up on mobile gaming until I purchased the new iPad. Someone mentioned a virus simulator called Plague In...[Read More]

Review – Limbo (PC)

I play games to unwind or transport myself away from this burned out existence called everyday life. Seeing that life tends to win, I play a lot less than I used to. This leads to missing extremely good games, in this case it was an indie title called Limbo.   The recent Steam Summer Sale has been so wholesomely good to me. Showering the unwashed masses with game deal after game deal, allowin...[Read More]