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Prepare to die nasty in the gruesome upcoming arcade brawler “Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition”

MUTANT FOOTBALL LEAGUE: DYNASTY EDITION HITS RETAIL SHELVES THIS SEPTEMBER Tear into exclusive content and all new DLC with the Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition, coming to retail this Fall Hellishly brutal arcade-style football game Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition is blitzing onto Nintendo Switch(tm), PlayStation(r)4 computer entertainment system, and Xbox One at retail on Sept. 18,...[Read More]

Zombie Doctor – The Zombie Card Game & The Classic Horror Expansion Pack launches on Kickstarter.

At the end of 2017, Colin Hutton successfully secured funding for Zombie Doctor – The Zombie Card Game, through crowdfunding website Kickstarter. Following the game’s success, Colin (now the Managing Director of Gimme Games) is expanding the Zombie Doctor universe with the Classic Horror Expansion Pack. This includes four iconic characters from the world of horror: The Invisible Man, D...[Read More]

Looks like that Evil Dead 2 game you’ve been waiting for? Well..hope you like waiting…

I’m no stranger to Kickstarter. In addition to helping back various projects over the years I’ve also thrown my hat into the ring and attempted to kickstart my own board game, Horror Boards. I learned a LOT from that initial crowdfunding attempt. One very important lesson was this” NEVER GO UP AGAINST A JUGGERNAUT HORROR TITLE LIKE AN OFFICIAL EVIL DEAD 2 BOARD GAME!!! You can ch...[Read More]

New World War Z Game Footage gives us INSANE zombie hordes!!!

Although World War Z the film left many audiences divided, a lot of fans did agree on one thing: the zombie horde scenes were pretty crazy. Zombies feverishly trying to reach victims, often piling on top of themselves, making a huge tower of the undead, was the stuff of nightmares. Despite its flaws and some major deviations from the source material, moviegoers shelled out enough hard earned cash ...[Read More]

18+ NSFW “Agony” Story Trailer Released

Madmind Studios revealed today a new trailer for the critically acclaimed horror video game Agony which is set to release on May 29th on PlayStation®4, Xbox One the all in one entertainment system from Microsoft and PC. With a minimum of knowledge about their surroundings, as a tormented soul players awake in a nightmare world ruled by the mysterious Red Goddess. Setting the pace for the yet to ex...[Read More]


Boomdash Digital partners with Ghosthouse Entertainment and Screen Northern Ireland to develop ‘Evil Dead’ on mobile VR Devices following on from the successful partnership that brought ‘Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare’ to iOS and Android, indie publisher Boomdash Digital has today announced that they have brought the companies back together for an exciting new VR project. ‘Evil Dead: Virtual Nightma...[Read More]

Horror Game ‘Chernobylite” takes on The Chernobyl Disaster

I’ve always found the idea of abandoned towns creepy. Its as if the residents move on so quickly the towns themselves are haunted by the memories of life. In this vein, Chernobyl might top the list of abandoned towns; a town that was evacuated so quickly due to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that it has become the holy grail of “urban exploration”. The game, “Chernobylite&#...[Read More]

Survival Horror Game “Agony” Gets a Release Date

Long anticipated survival horror title Agony has been in the news a lot lately. First we heard the the game was definitely coming to consoles but that it was doing so in a heavily censored version, meaning that only pc players were going to get to see the blood drenched game in its full glory, At that time it was unsure when we were actually going to see it available for sell-through. Luckily, the...[Read More]

Looks Like There is a Layover on Your Trip to Hell – Horror Game “Agony” Delayed

Ever since the first in-game videos were released of horror game ‘Agony”, we’ve been super curious about the uber-ambitious title that takes you on a virtual tour of hell. All excitement aside, however looks as though our patience as well our should will be tested as the game officially….got delayed. From the game’s official Kickstarter page: “With Agony being r...[Read More]

Psychological horror game ‘Rise of Insanity’ leaves Early Access today

DELVE INTO THE DEEPEST RECESSES OF THE HUMAN MIND RISE OF INSANITY LEAVES EARLY ACCESS TODAY! The closing act of the story of Dr. Dowell is finally unveiled  Red Limb Studio is happy to announce that first-person psychological horror game Rise of Insanity will leave Early Access today and will be available on Steam for Windows PC and Linuxstarting 20 CET (11 PST) for €9.99 ($9.99). During the firs...[Read More]

Volumes of Blood: Body Count Now Available!

“From Blood Moon Pictures and Mythmaker Games comes the newest in table top terror. Take on the role of a horror film Director and use killers, locations, weapons and characters from the Volumes of Blood cinematic universe as you face off against your opponents to create a scene of carnage a