Exclusive Interview with ‘Killing Joan’ Director Todd Bartoo

Most independent filmmakers, I’ve discovered, tend to make movies in which the main subject or storyline is of personal interest to them. Is that the case here? Certainly. Although Joan is not a reflection of myself, I wish I could be that tough and cool. My personal connection with the film is the concept of redemption. You have a main character who is not a nice person and does horrible things, ...[Read More]

Horrorfix Exclusive Interview with “Nightmare: Return to Elm Street” Director Domonic Smith!!!

I love, love, LOVE this guy’s take not only on the Nightmare franchise but also how we can elevate it even past its prior cinematic highs. The three trailers (embedded on this page just down from the audio) represents a real return to form for the series, even if just in the few short minutes we get to see. I for one will be championing the cause to get Domonic Smith on a Nightmare on Elm St...[Read More]

“Full Moon Slaughter 2. Altered Beasts” The Interview. Part 1

  “Full Moon Slaughter 2: Altered Beasts” is a horror anthology where bloody, furious and unleashed were-beasts take the protagonist role (perhaps… the wolf is not the only animal you should be scared of…). Disturbing stories come from disturbed minds… so we needed… more. Today we have some of the awesome authors joining this anthology, to show their honest...[Read More]

HorrorFix Exclusive Interview with Don May of Synapse Films on Suspiria 4K!!!

Ask any die hard cinephile what one of the most disputed horror film restorations is and Argento’s Suspiria will rear its ugly head. One of the most celebrated horror films of all time, Argento’s classic of murder and dark forces has often been at the center of controversy when in regards to sound, color and accuracy. We decided to catch up with Synapse Films’ Don May to discuss ...[Read More]

HorrorFix Exclusive: Illinois Company Creates REAL “Walking Dead Experience”

OK, so this needs to happen…virtually…I mean, what I I’m trying to say is this is pretty damn cool and I need someone to immediately pony up the cash for me to do it!!! So, we caught up with Springfield, IL based company Immediate Threat Solutions that offers a 3 day end-of-the-world zombie takeover simulation here in the heartland. So, Walking Dead fans…get out your wallet...[Read More]

HorrorFix Invades the “Dead in Decatur” Film Festival!!!

It’s interesting to think that we here in the midwest are getting so much horror love this Halloween. We decided to send HorrorFix’s very own Jim Chandler to the Dead in Decatur horror film festival to talk horror movies and what’s new with DID’s Zach and Jason. All you’s gotsta do is watch the embed below for the HorrorFIx/Dead in Decatur lowdown!!!  

HorrorFix Interviews the Child’s Play Game team!

Crowdfunding is a finicky thing. You can ask us as we speak from experience. With only 12 Days left on Horror Boards, we know the importance of visibility and we try to step in and raise awareness for new projects if and when we can. When we heard that there was a new development team trying to currently secure the models from the previous Chucky game for another turn at trying to get it funded, w...[Read More]

HorrorFix Interview – Women in Horror with HorrorGeekLife’s Melissa Hannon

Celebrating the 8th annual Women in Horror month, we decided to have a sit-down with owner and judge of this year’s Women in Horror Film Fesitval, Melissa Hannon. Melissa was kind enough to grace us with her presence where we discussed final girls, the ever growing voice of women in horror, boobies, and as always a slew of “not safe for work” topics includi...[Read More]

Exclusive HorrorFix Interview with ‘Never Hike Alone’ Director Vincente Disanti

It’s no secret how I have an almost unfathomable love for Friday the 13th. A good portion of my wardrobe is adorned with the famous visage of the hockey masked clad Jason Voorhees. I am looking at the same mask on my wall with a Funko figurine on a shell not far from a copy of “Crystal Lake Memories”. I don’t need to go on. I love the franchise and as misguided as it was in...[Read More]

Exclusive HorrorFix Interview with Horror Icon Elvira!!!

Even after 35 years Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, is maybe the most recognizable horror icon in pop culture today. From her start as a horror hostess to her rise as Halloween’s biggest sex symbol, Elvira has been a staple of horror that continues to serve as a champion of the genre. We were lucky enough to catch up with the buxom gore lover to talk about her new book E...[Read More]

Exclusive HorrorFix interview with “The Last Shift”s Anthony Diblasi

Drenched in atmoshpere and oozing with dread, The Last Shift was one of the nice little horror gems of 2015. A dark brooding film depicting a soon to be debunk police station and the new recruit assigned to watch over its last night of operation gave us great performances and some genuine scares. We caught up with The Last Shift director Anthony Diblasi to talk about the success of the film and wh...[Read More]

Exclusive HorrorFix Interview with ‘Hellevator’ Creators Jen and Sylvia Soska!

It’s been a while since we checked in with the Twisted Twins Jen and Sylvia Soska. Last we talked to them it was directly following the fantastic “American Mary“. This year saw the sisters take on TV with GSN‘s “Hellevator” We thought it was about time we reconnected and asked them a few questions about the show before the series finale airs on GSN tomorrow nigh...[Read More]

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