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Review – Gideon Falls Issues 1 & 2

I grew up collecting comics. At at time when they were barely an afterthought I championed the positive impact they could have on our youth if treated like the fables they were written to represent. They molded my concept of morality and showed me that good wasn’t just an abstract concept, it was a lifestyle. Comics made me believe in heroes and aspire to live my life with a persistent effor...[Read More]

Review – Boom Studios’ The Woods #1 (2014)

I could go on at great lengths about how I’ve found Boom’s library of titles to be consistently impressive. Their Hellraiser titles have singlehandedly elevated Barker’s mythology, bringing it back from the slump brought on by several bad direct-to-video installments that barely hinted at the greatness of the first film. The Returning, an original storyline depicting a bizarre rash of NDE experien...[Read More]

Ash and the Army of Darkness #1-5: All the Boomsticky You’ve Missed So Far!

The Evil Dead franchise has had its fair share of spin-offs, especially in the form of graphic novels. From the original Dark Horse film adaptation to the Dynamite produced series, Ash has transitioned from the anti-hero to a symbol of almost pure comic relief. Although audiences can never seem to truly get enough of the seminal horror-action-hero, I often worried if the comic book approach was di...[Read More]

Review – An Aurora Grimeon Story: Will O’ The Wisp

Will O’ The Wisp in a lot of regards is a book hard to categorize. With elements of horror and dark fantasy along with some decidedly young adult themes, the Aurora Grimeon book stands apart from many of Boom’s (the book was officially released under Boom’s Archaia imprint) other titles, the likes of which include Adventure time and highly popular Hellraiser series. The story centers around young ...[Read More]

Review – Hellraiser: The Dark Watch #12

For those of you following Boom’s Hellraiser line of comics, many familiar characters in the Barkerverse have changed significantly since the mythology was revisited. Both Kirsty Cotton and Harry D’amore have become priests and priestesses of hell. Elliot Spencer (aka Pinhead) has defected to the “other” hell to lead a war against the cenobites and ultimately Earth, and the Harrowers are dropping ...[Read More]

Review – The Wake #1

So, we’re jumping on board a little late with this title, BUT I’ve heard nothing but good things about this series and thought we needed to devote a little time to it. Doctor Archer, a marine biologist with specializations in cetological vocalizations is a little down on her luck. Shunned be her peers, ostracized from her prior affiliations, she’s struggling to regain control of ...[Read More]

Review – Clive Barker’s The Next Testament #1

I have a been a big fan of the recent Hellraiser series of comics from Boom! and was eager to dig into the new series from Barker and co-writer Mark Miller, The Next Testament. Say what you will about Barker’s offbeat narrative of human depravity that weaves a thread through most of his work, but the man sets up a story that is both intriguing and bizarre enough to get the reader interested ...[Read More]

Review – The Walking Dead 110

Folks might find the latest installment of the insanely popular book a little antepenultimate, BUT the book is ramping up to major events. Kal is still on the fence about his thoughts on The Saviors and represents where most stand in the days before what is surely war. Rick levels with Eugene about the real purpose of the ammunition and the rest of the group follow their leader all the way to the ...[Read More]

Review – Hellraiser #17

Issue 17 of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser sees the hit series from Boom Studios reaching a fever pitch as the story arc builds to an epic crescendo. Hell has come to earth as Pinhead/Elliot Spencer’s plan comes to full fruition after his violent betrayl of The Harrowers. The world watches with horror as legions of the damned poor out of hell’s portal to wreak their unholy perversions...[Read More]

Review – The Uninvited (iPad App)

I admit it. I scoffed at the iPad when it was first introduced. I thought it was nothing more than an oversized iPod touch and I was going to be damned if I was going to lay out that kind a money for an oversized iPod. Let’s fast forward to me putting my foot right into my mouth so far that my big toe just gave a thumb’s up to my proctologist. I love my iPad and over the course of the ...[Read More]

Review – Gore #2

Gore #2 by GG Studios. Written by Alex Crippa. Drawn by Emilio Laiso. $2.99. First off, the girl on the cover of issue two is the “evil” version of Cinderella. Like I said in issue one, the art is worth getting this title alone. With that being said, I am glad I was right. In this issue the story seems to come together better. Less “setting the stage” and more telling a sto...[Read More]

American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest

American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest by Vertigo/DC Comics. Written by Scott Snyder. Drawn by Sean Murphy. $2.99. Five Issue Limited Series. Once again Scott Snyder brings a new twist to his new world that is inhabited by his brand of vampire. Still set in the 1940’s, this story focuses on Cash McCogan, the former sheriff of Las Vegas and Felicia Book, the daughter of the Jim Book the sh...[Read More]