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“Highway 666: And Other Tales to Speed your Descent into the Abyss”

The author that brought you “Jack” in Shopping list 2 and “Unholy Trinity” in the Big Book of Bootleg Horror Volume IV now brings you an assortment of four tales that will leave your spine tingling and soul looking for redemption. Highway 666 – Read the newspaper account of the horrifying death of 3 teenagers who encountered a Demonic traveler Til Death – A wife...[Read More]

Lost Highways – An anthology of creepy and scary road stories

It’s dangerous out there…on the road. The highways, byways and backroads of America are teeming day and night with regular folks. Moms and dads making long commutes. Teenagers headed to the beach. Bands on their way to the next gig. Truckers pulling long hauls. Families driving cross country to visit their kin. But there are others, too. The desperate and the lost. The cruel and the criminal. Thei...[Read More]

BOOK REVIEW “Verdure” by Gregg Zimmerman

I don’t even know how to start this review. I would say that “Verdure” is a “big” title, in all ways. For starters, Zimmerman’s prose is spotless and graceful. Perhaps at first, you can feel a bit dizzy due to the accurate and sensorial descriptions, but once you submerge in the scenario the author builds up for you, you see yourself surrounded and impregnated b...[Read More]

BOOK REVIEW “These Walls Don’t Talk, They Scream” by Kevin Holton

Holton knows how to confuse your mind. He plays with a background of sadness that makes you lose perspective of what is right and what is wrong. A witness who, after all, hasn’t chosen its fate can only observe. And in observing, it decides… and condemns. Can you blame a cursed devil? Holton is a very intelligent mind, obviously, and it shines in his books (it’s not the first one...[Read More]

BOOK REVIEW – “Shadowmancer” by Jeremy Mac

This book is a disturbing quick read. What starts looking like a simple teenager story ends up being an obscure tale electrifying the reader’s spine. I didn’t expect what I found in this title. Mac is very easy to read, so pleasurable, I can see why he gets so many good reviews. The entrails of the story are centred in that fine line separating power and danger. The way you would lose ...[Read More]

Meet the Kick-Ass Vigilante Children’s Librarian…

AFTON MORRISON IS THE TWISTY, EMPOWERING, SERIAL THRILLER SERIES WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR “[Go Home, Afton] seizes your attention with page one and feeds little truths, little pearls, and pretty soon you are flipping pages right into the cliff-hanging conclusion.” —Stanley McShane (Virginia Williams), author of Cocos Island Treasure If you were to describe your local, small town children’s librarian...[Read More]

BOOK REVIEW “Awakening” (Sequel of “Affinity’s Window”) by Douglas L. Wilson

This book is certainly the sequel of “Affinity’s Window” and for starters, I’ll say that if you thought it couldn’t get better, well, it does.The first page already made me clench my teeth (obviously I won’t tell you why). Wilson shows, this time, a wide skill for the police and crime material, making it the main wire in the plot, dragging the characters in a st...[Read More]

BOOK REVIEW “Legacy” by Marc W. Johnson

If I had to describe this book in one word, it would be without a shadow of a doubt, “shuddering”. Johnson knows how to keep you awake. Playing with dialogues, he makes you jump from one scene to another without giving you the option to stop, because… you don’t want to stop. An amazing bloody plot which speeds up your mind page after page. You watch as the characters find t...[Read More]

BOOK REVIEW – “Affinity’s Window” by Douglas L. Wilson

This is the first piece I’ve read by this author. I’m greatly surprised. Ghosts and demons, pure paranormal threads are my thing in horror. I love them, and Wilson takes those terrifying strings and twirls them together, in such a loving way that you lose conscience of what side you are on. He plays in two superimposed dimensions, jumping from one to another without making the reader f...[Read More]

Drew Stepek’s ‘Knuckle Supper’ Audio Book… FREE!

The first book in author Drew The Knuckler Series, Knuckle Supper, is on YouTube as a a free audio-book. Partnered with Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, they are releasing a chapter every week day (all 31 chapters), until it’s complete. Enjoy! Link So you know, Knuckle Balled, the sequel, just won its 7th independent publishing award… the Best International Horror Novel of 2018! Thanks for supporti...[Read More]