Review – Knuckle Balled (2017)

Knuckle Balled by Drew Stepek Left still reeling from the events in the final chapters of “Knuckle Supper”, our favorite pseudo-vampire-with-a-conscience must now deal with the consequences of his choices in the final few pages. Fleeing the scene of his brutal justice, RJ must now navigate his way through a new city, full of new vampires, on new drugs. “Knuckle Balled” is a...[Read More]

Book Review – XOM-B

  “XOM-B” By Jeremy Robinson Jeremy Robinson’s “XOM-B” is a bit of a tough read, but well worth the effort. Set towards the end of this century, “XOM-B” seems at first to be two separate stories mashed into one.  While the action is first-rate and well written, there is seemingly little prelude to begin with, even by zombie standards. But all is not a...[Read More]

Book Review: THE DEAD by Charlie Higson

  “THE DEAD” By Charlie Higson “THE DEAD”, the second installment in Charlie Higson’s “ENEMY SAGA” is set one year before the events of “THE ENEMY”. Just weeks after the onset of “the Disaster”, some adults have yet to succumb to the new disease.  Fighting to keep the children alive, while slowly turning into the monsters they&...[Read More]

Book Review – The Enemy

“THE ENEMY” By Charlie Higson Book One of “THE ENEMY” Series From the first page, “THE ENEMY” shoots out of the gate at a dead sprint and does not stop. Higson’s prose, fast pace, creativity and originality will keep you on the edge of your seat, yearning for the next page. We are thrust into a chaotic new world, on the streets of London one year after ...[Read More]