Ever visit an abandoned world in Second Life or contemplated the existential dilemmas of humanity while playing The Sims? Have you ever become so lost in a game or alternate reality that your identity became a fabrication or warped version of yourself? If so, the surreal sci-fi film Elliot is one you should look out for. Set in a nightmarish cyber wasteland, ELLIOT (written and directed by SF film...[Read More]

REVIEW – Russell J. Dorn’s Skeleton in the Closet (2016)

Russell J. Dorn, author of one of the stories featured in the upcoming issue of Grotesque Quarterly, previously wrote and adapted into audio book format, a middle-grade horror collection. Middle-grade, for those unaware of the term, refers to the age group between children and young adults. As such, 9-13 is a good guess as who might best enjoy this and other middle-grade fiction. Russell’s collect...[Read More]

New from Darkwater Syndicate: Slasher Sam

In cyberspace, everyone can hear you scream – especially if you’ve fallen prey to Slasher Sam, a murderous blogger and the star of Darkwater Syndicate’s new blackly comedic horror novel of the same name. Taking a page from the Scream movie series, Slasher Sam follows the exploits of a horror-movie obsessed serial killer who posts the details of each murder to a blog for the world to read. Indeed, ...[Read More]